NJ - Millburn Chapter is now the Chatham Chapter

NJ - Millburn Chapter is now the Chatham Chapter

Meets every second Wednesday
Juniper Village at Chatham
500 Southern Blvd.
Chatham, NJ
United States
This is a public group.


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MEETINGS INCLUDE: Introductions, speaker presentation, doorprizes, gratitude share, inspiration, motivation and connections..

NEXT MEETING: November 12, 9-11 am

FEATURED EVENT: Wednesday, November 12 is the Powerful You! meeting at 9am at Juniper Village. We are doing Vision Boards. If you are coming, please make sure that you have rsvp'ed. We want to make sure we have enough material for everyone to make a board.

Please spend some time thinking about what period of time you want your board to represent: the rest of 2014, the next 3 months, first half of 2015 or all of 2015--the next 5 years or your whole life??. It's a good idea to journal about what you want for that period of time, where you see yourself, what you are doing, feeling and be in that place. If you have any pictures, brochures, quotes or phrases from your writing that would help you visualize your goals, bring those along on Wednesday. We have lots of magazines, brochures, catalogs, travel pictures, etc as well to help if you don't!

Some people spend so much energy thinking about doing a vision board and then never do it. We are going to jump in there on Wednesday and create vision boards--perfection be damned! Perfection is only a word in the dictionary--let's get busy and create your first, fifth or fiftieth vision board. And then, let's all celebrate watching it manifest!!

Please rsvp here if you haven't already notified us.
See you on Wednesday!

Traffic is heavy in the mornings, so please plan accordingly so we can all start on time. 9-9:15am will be open networking.

Please rsvp to our co-facilitators via email or at the link below so we have a place reserved for you in our private room!

TIME: 9-11am. Please arrive on time as we will be starting promptly at 9:15am. Register online for quicker processing.

Juniper Village at Chatham
500 Southern Blvd.
Chatham, NJ 07928

Melissa Brown, MD melissa@greenlightcoaching.com or 973-379-3970
Chris Anthony chrislanthony@hotmail.com or

$5 Full Members and 1st time attendees/guests
$15 Non-Members (After 1st meeting)

TO PREPAY: http://py-wn.com/nj-chatham-prepay
TO RSVP (without prepay): http://powerfulyouwomensnetwork.com/rsvpnjchatham

DIRECTIONS: http://mapq.st/km0Xye


DECEMBER 2014: Abundance Exchange!


Members now have an added benefit! Bring a friend and get a reward:

Members who bring 1 new first-time guest to a meeting rewarded with:
An additional 60 seconds for their introduction (each time)

Members who bring 2 new first-time guests are rewarded with:
Free Vendor Table at the next meeting (value $10)

Members who bring 4 new first-time guests are rewarded with:
Free attendance to the next chapter meeting (value $18)

Members who bring 6 new first-time guests are rewarded with:
Free Chapter Sponsorship for one year (value $100)


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  • Melissa Brown
    by Melissa Brown 1 month ago
    Our next meeting on October 8th, 9am, will feature SPEED NETWORKING!!! Please come and join in. This should be lots of fun and super effective way to network with everyone!
  • Melissa Brown
    by Melissa Brown 11 months ago
    Open House at our January 2014 meeting (January 8th). Come join us!!
  • Melissa Brown
    by Melissa Brown 1 year ago
    Millburn-Short Hills Chapter is celebrating our 3rd anniversary on April 10th. Party time!! See you there??
  • Melissa Brown
    by Melissa Brown 2 years ago
    I am really looking forward to our Personal Growth Book Share at our December 12th meeting!! Come and join us!
  • Angel Calvosa
    by Angel Calvosa 2 years ago
    Join us on August 8th and hear Miriam Handler talk about how to Balance, Nourish and Cleanse your body for a healther, happier life.
    All Women are welcome!
  • Melissa Brown
    by Melissa Brown 2 years ago
    Come join us on May 9th and hear Yuan-Fen Lai's talk "Women and Finances!"
    All women are welcome!
  • Sue Urda
    by Sue Urda 2 years ago
    WOW! This chapter is amazing! Thanks to Melissa and Angel for your incredible energy and leadership and thanks to all of the members who attended the March meeting! It's so good to see you creating those great relationships and sharing yourselves! You're all INCREDIBLE!
  • Donna C Schmidt, RN
    by Donna C Schmidt, RN 2 years ago
    What a great meeting last week! Melissa - Thank you for arranging the book swap and bringing extra books. :)
  • Sue Urda
    by Sue Urda 2 years ago
    Kathy and I are super-excited to meet all of you Awesome Millburn Chapter Members at the March meeting! See you there!!!
  • Melissa Brown
    by Melissa Brown 3 years ago
    Welcome to the Millburn-Short Hills Chapter of Powerful You! Please complete your profile and connect with the other members of our chapter! We are grateful that you are here.


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