Dec 10th

URGENT: Why You Should Purchase A Health Insurance Plan BEFORE December 15th

By Jeanine Kinzie
If you know anyone who does not have health insurance and wants to avoid ObamaCare mandates, penalty taxes, and rates, they need to purchase a plan before December 15 in order to get it effective 12/31/13.  The carriers require 15 day's notice to start a plan for someone who isn't currently insured.  It's truly the only way to control one's budget.  We can scale a plan to desired budget and help you avoid the chaos with medical underwriting.  Once this year is over, medical underwriting will be gone forever.  If you are healthy, this is the last chance to set your own budget.  Next year, you lose that freedom.  Rates for young people will have the largest increase.

Our website shows instant online rates for this year and 2014.  Subsidies need to be calculated separately for now.  Rates are high and the deductible & out-of-pocket maximum for Bronze & Silver is $6,350 single and $12,700 for more than one on a policy.  There are not 2 deductibles on a joint policy; no benefits are paid until the entire deductible is met.  Many people aren't going to be able to afford to use these plans.  It's such a shame.  The system is destroyed instead of improved.

Please encourage those you know who need help to take action before it's too late.  The primary benefit of the Affordable Care Act will be those just a step above Medicaid eligibility and those with major health issues.  Most will pay a high price to cover the cost of the fraud and waste to build and funding the subsidies.

The application deadline for Golden Rule is 12/15/13 and Humana is 12/31/13.  If you're looking for the most inexpensive option, Golden Rule offers the lowest premium for the value of the benefits for most people.   Don't delay, carriers are very busy and processing times for approvals are slower than usual. 

Contact my office for personal assistance at 888-883-5290.

by Jeanine Kinzie is a Licensed Health Insurance Agent, Licensed Life Insurance Agent and a Federally Facilitated Marketplace Enroller from Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Nov 20th

What The President's Announcement Means For Michigan - Blue Cross Blue Shield & Anthem

By Jeanine Kinzie
President Obama announced that Americans that currently have individual health care policies can keep the policies for a period of one year. The decision is designed to ease the impact on individuals who have received cancellation notices from their health insurance company because the policies do not meet essential health benefit requirements under the Accountable Care Act (ACA).

Health Insurers will be required to notify individuals that have policies that predate the ACA that other benefit alternatives are available under the ACA and also must specify the areas of their current plan that fall short of ACA essential benefits.

The President’s announcement does not impact employer sponsored health care benefit programs.

Blue Cross Blue Shield & Anthem are currently reviewing the details of the President's announcement.  We expect they will make an announcement within a week.  There are logistical issues involved.  The internal software system for 2014 may not allow for the compatibility of current plans and new PPACA plans since it wasn't designed to.  In addition, the upcoming holiday closures create a short time frame for which changes are to occur.

If this decision of the Administration was made earlier in the year, it would have avoided a lot of headaches.  We have been fighting for your rights to keep your current plan and shop for something better.  Freedom of choice has been your right and we advocate personal decisions for highest satisfaction in using health insurance benefits.  

We will keep you updated to the options available. We anticipate resolution by mid-December.
Thank you for your patience during this time of transition.
Sep 9th

10 Benefits Every Plan Must Offer Under Health Care Reform

By Jeanine Kinzie
Health care reform requires that all individual and small group health plans offer these 10 essential benefits starting in January 2014. Many of the benefits weren't provided or fully covered in the past, so including them means more benefits with more protection for you.

Ambulatory patient services - Care you receive without being admitted to a hospital - such as at a clinic, physician's office or same-day surgery center.

Emergency services - Care for conditions which, if not immediately treated, could lead to serious disability or death.

Hospitalization - Care you receive as a patient in a hospital, such as room and board, care from doctors and nurses, and tests and drugs administered during your stay.

Maternity and newborn care - Care provided to women during pregnancy and during and after labor; care for newly born children.

Mental health and substance abuse disorder services - Care to evaluate, diagnose and treat mental health and substance abuse issues.

Prescription drug coverage - Drugs prescribed by a doctor to treat an acute illness, like an infection, or an ongoing condition, like high blood pressure.

Rehabilitation and habilitation services and devices - Services and devices to help people with injuries, disabilities or chronic conditions gain or recover mental and physical skills.

Laboratory services - Testing blood, tissues, etc., from a patient to help a doctor diagnose a medical condition and monitor the effectiveness of treatment.

Preventive and wellness services and chronic disease management - These services include routine physicals, screening and immunizations. Chronic disease management is an integrated approach to manage an ongoing condition, like asthma or diabetes.

Pediatric services - The other nine essential benefits are provided to children along with dental and vision care.

Resources For Health Care Reform Updates - Websites To Check In With
Jeanine Kinzie
Aug 20th

Why Everyone Should Seek Advice From An Experienced Health Insurance Agent

By Jeanine Kinzie
We, as health insurance agents, are currently being trained to give advice in order to determine who is best served on their current plan (group or individual), and on or off the marketplace (exchange).  In order to do so, we will need to know your Adjusted Gross Income from your 2012 taxes.  We realize it's a confidential topic, but it is required information to make the calculation and create pertinent advice.  It is very important to work with an ethical agent.  I believe some agents will entice people with a high subsidy so it makes the insurance look like it's cheaper, but in all actuality, they may get the subsidy taken back and owe more taxes on 4/15/2015.  Then instead of a rebate, they will owe taxes and not know why.  The unethical agent shrugs and goes on to the next prospect. not try this at home and apply online for several reasons.  Scams online abound and fraudulent telemarketing has already begun.  Do not give your social security number, and other confidential information to a stranger. Identity theft is real and painful.  Secondly, there are certain scenarios which may affect your situation which are not fully addressed online.  As soon as the Affordable Care Act plan benefits summaries and rates are available, we can provide advice.  We expect that to be October 1st when the "Marketplace" opens.  We can represent you should you choose to participate with the Marketplace or stay independent of it.  We can still write existing plans until 12/31/13.  Existing plan designs may be available until 12/31/14, depending on the carrier and plan.  Current rates are still very low compared to Marketplace rates with a limited subsidy.  Encourage your family and friends to seek representation from an experienced agent.  Please contact us with any questions and if there's answers, we'll find them!
Aug 12th

What Is Critical Illness Insurance?

By Jeanine Kinzie
Changes in Critical Illness from 2000 - 2008.


You know the realities of health conditions have changed. Everybody knows someone who has been diagnosed with cancer, heart attack or stroke. So many of these people’s lives and the financial security of their families' are turned upside down by a major illness even when they have quality health coverage.  Monthly obligations such as mortgage, car payments, groceries and cell phone bills still need to be paid even when you're not working.  The stress can be overwhelming.  The insurance industry has responded with products that meet these needs.  The benefits are based on diagnosis and treatments.

Critical Illness coverage:
  • Provides people with OPTIONS
  • Provides people with CONTROL
  • Provides people with CHOICES
  • Provides people with INDEPENDENCE 
    (or avoids dependence)
  • Reduces their STRESS

...What is the cost of such plan?
It depends on many factors and level of benefits. It is available for groups and individuals and premiums range from $10-$50 per month. Some plans even provide a benefit for your annual physical, something you don't even have to pay for.  This $75 benefit can reduce your net premiums to less than $10 per month.  Please contact me and request a brochure and quote and rest easy knowing you can financially handle the health conditions which affect 33% of us.

Contact Jeanine about the many options provided by Critical Illness Insurance.
Aug 12th

Why You Still Need A Local Insurance Agent

By Jeanine Kinzie
Insurance is getting too complicated due to Healthcare Reform, it's not the same insurance world we were  all able to navigate through a few years ago on our own.  It may look like you are getting the best deal ever while navigating through a site for a health insurance agent in Georgia or California, but beware before you apply for insurance online with an out of state agent! Your local insurance agent can't make changes to the plan that you purchase during the first year of coverage and you will be stuck with a bad plan and no local agent to help you. If you are declined for coverage by applying online yourself for perhaps a plan that is not really suited for your needs (which is why it looks so cheap), then that is a red flag that you are uninsureable and it will be hard to find someone to help you. Insurance plans can not just be cancelled and re-applied for. 

A local health insurance agent provides a valuable service and can help you get a suitable plan in place that meets all your needs for the best price in your state.

Call Jeanine Today!

by Jeanine Kinzie 
Jun 12th

Healthcare Reform – IPAB Will Change Healthcare As We Know It

By Jeanine Kinzie
How does the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) affect people? 

Since 2010, insured have enjoyed free wellness care, as long as it fits the guidelines set forth in PPACA.  ( for details of the wellness treatments you are eligible for.) 

To ensure he didn’t have any concern for lung cancer, my friend, a former smoker, asked during his recent wellness visit for a chest x-ray and was denied.  The doctor said it wasn’t necessary.  His mother died of cancer at age 62.  He is turning 57 this year and felt it was necessary for his peace of mind.  He is willing to pay for it and couldn’t get the Doctor to order the x-ray.  Only 1% of lung x-rays show cancer, but what if he is the 1%? 

The bigger picture is that behind the scenes, PPACA is changing Doctor’s compensation from a “fee for service” (where providers profit from providing more services) to “capitated” payments (where providers profit by providing fewer services) or some hybrid.   Meet the new final authority for health care in America.  It’s not Congress, not the Court, and not “We the People”.  It’s an Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), an unelected, unaccountable 15-member panel empowered to set healthcare standards for spending, care and efficiency that will affect all of us.  It is quite possibly the most dangerous aspect of the entire PPACA law.  IPAB is not required to hold any public hearings and its decisions are not subject to administrative or judicial review.  It has the power to tax and ration care.  This is all by design.  The authors of Obamacare decided to take the difficult matters away from politicians.  The “quality and efficiency” standards set by IPAB affect ALLhealth care, not just Medicare and Medicaid.  This means your utilization of your private health insurance will be affected, even if you are willing and able to pay for treatment.  There will be one standard of care for all.   IPAB has determined too much money is spent in the last year of life.  

Furthermore, as IPAB is reducing compensation to Medicare/Medicaid providers, fewer Doctors can afford to continue serving this population.  There is a silent exodus already in motion from Doctors.  This movement is the beginning of rationed care.  

So how does PPACA affect you?  It will depend on your age, wealth and health.   

*“Hidden Dangers of Obamacare” was used as a resource to this article.

Jeanine Kinzie - Licensed Health and Life Insurance Agent
If you would like to talk to an expert about what this means for your and how you can best protect yourself and your family in the future, Contact Jeanine!
Jun 12th

Can You Afford FREE?

By Jeanine Kinzie
The good news is we have the products you need and many of you are already enjoying the benefits.  Here are a few ideas to consider:

1. If you use your American Heritage or Assurity Accident Plan's Wellness Benefit, your policy is essentially free. If you have an accident, this plan can help pay for your out of pocket expenses and lost income from time off work.  Accidents are the most common use of health insurance. With many on high deductibles these days, accident plans have evolved into integral financial protection

2. Return of Premium can refund all your premiums if you don't get cancer while on the American Heritage Cancer Plan.  Return of premium is also available on disability policies from Illinois Mutual.

3. Properly structured, Indexed Universal Life Insurance can provide tax-free retirement income exponentially more than you put into the policy.  

4. Fixed Indexed Annuities can provide guaranteed income for life, even if the money you put into the policy runs out.  Since people are retiring and living longer than ever, this policy offers great peace of mind.

Set aside a little time to be proactive in your financial protection plan.  Life happens to all of us.  We get hurt, we get sick, it's just a matter of when it's our turn. None escape the inevitable. Death has 100% success rate.  Why not insure the obvious?  

When asked to estimate the cost of life insurance, 95% of the people surveyed estimated too high.  Just let me know your priorities and budget, and I'll bring the best plans to you.
Jun 12th

What Is A Health Insurance Exchange?

By Jeanine Kinzie
In case you haven't heard, major reform implementation is coming in October 2013. This change is optional for you this year.  We will be agents for you whether you are entitled to a subsidy through the exchange or not.  We will provide you with options for keeping your current plan and what new plans are available.

The Affordable Care Act is expected to help increase access to health care. Health insurance exchanges will be an important part of that.

Most people get health insurance through their employers. But people without this option will now be able to shop for health insurance on exchanges, as an alternative to buying coverage directly from individual health insurers. Exchanges will be open for business in October 2013, allowing consumers to shop for health plans that will begin on January 1st.

Click on the video below to watch and find out more.

Experts predict that by 2016, more than 25 million people will use exchanges to buy health insurance.
We are anticipating the opportunity to provide a review of health insurance options both on and off the exchange after October 1st.  However, the government has not yet extended the paperwork needed to set this up.  About half of the deadlines for the PPACA implementation have been missed.  There is a possibility of a delay in the marketplace.  We will keep you updated in our newsletters.

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Jun 12th

UnitedHealthcare is giving away more than 150 health and wellness prizes to members who register and enter the 2013 re

By Jeanine Kinzie® Member Sweepstakes Runs April 25 to Aug. 31 

UnitedHealthcare is giving away more than 150 health and wellness prizes to members who register and enter the 2013 registration sweepstakes between April 25 and Aug. 31. These prizes include daily, weekly and monthly giveaways of Sports Authority® gift cards of $100, $200 or $500, as well as the grand prize, a four-day, three-night package for two to Miraval® Resort & Spa in Tucson, Ariz. 

You can use the sweepstakes toolkit on the Communication Resource Center to encourage your employees to register and enter to win. The toolkit includes the following materials (subject to change):

  • Member Flier: You can promote the sweepstakes with your employees by distributing the flier, which includes a list of prizes, instructions on how to enter and some key benefits of
  • Member Flier – Spanish: Spanish version of the member flier listed above.
  • Member Poster: Similar to the member flier, you can display the poster in break rooms, conference rooms, etc. Printed copies can be requested via your UnitedHealthcare strategic account executive.
  • Intranet, Newsletter and Email Copy: You can copy and paste this text into their internal communications to promote the sweepstakes.
  • Banner Ads: You can use banner ads of various sizes on their intranet to generate awareness of the sweepstakes and drive registration.  

Sweepstakes promotional period 4/25/2013 - 8/31/2013. Members who are already registered can enter the sweepstakes at Complete sweepstakes rules and prize details can be found when registering at or by visiting

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