Dec 15th

Ideas for Topics & Guest Speakers for NY-Nassau Chapter

By Jo-Anne Behal
If you have a suggestion, or idea, for a topic or a guest speaker for our new Chapter please let us know.

What would you like to know more about?
What expertise do you have to share with our group?

We would appreciate any suggestions.

With gratitude,
Jo-Anne & Luba 
Jun 18th

Your Story Is Whatever You Decide

By Sue Urda

Truly, we are all storytellers; whether we tell stories to ourselves, about ourselves or about our observances, perspectives and circumstances, we are thinking and speaking in pictures and emotion.  

It is virtually impossible to tell a story without emotion

…And it is virtually impossible to listen to a story without drawing some sort of conclusion or making a judgment. We are emotional beings and we have been taught from our youth to make judgments about everything we see, hear and experience. This is a protective way of being and it helps us to make our way in the world and not be overwhelmed by all that is placed in front of us.  The question is… 

Does the story you choose to hear or tell serve you? As you ask this question, you may wish to engage your ‘gut’ to know the answer. In all instances, especially as you choose to share stories or think them in your mind, the essence of the story lies in the feelings it provokes. Are you telling stories to provide joy, comfort and forward movement or are you telling stories and getting caught up in the drama, angst and dis-ease of it all? You are the only one who knows the answer, and you are the only one who guides the words that flow from your mouth and through your mind.

Storytelling is an art and a gift…Use it Wisely.

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