Jul 19th

Tied Up in Knots?

By Elba Plaza

Tied Up in Knots?

                   Knot Necessary!

 No need to get in a twist over knotted necklaces. A straight pin is the perfect tool to get out kinks. For stubborn tangles, place the chain on a hard, nonporous surface like a glass tray or a mirror, and apply several drops of baby oil or mineral oil…. Then try using the pin to untangle again.

Prevent knots in the first place, by hanging or storing delicate strands or multi-strand necklaces with clasps closed, in individual plastic zip bags or separated in their rollers. If you have a specialty jewelry case, you can use the hooks to hang the chains, but avoid hanging necklaces with very heavy pendants; they can strain the chain(s).

The real key to untangling? Be patient! In the long run, being able to wear the beautiful chain is worth it.

Jul 19th

An Unbelievable Opportunity!

By Elba Plaza

An Unbelievable Opportunity

Who are we? is the world’s largest party-plan direct sales jewelry company, featuring the finest quality high-fashion jewelry designs! Founded in 1955 by a teenage couple Art and Shirley Levin, park lane defines the American-dream. Today the second-generation Levin family owns and operates the company with the same commitment and dedication as their parents. The company is Debt-Free allowing them to offer generous profits and extraordinary programs and incentives for guests, hostesses and their Fashion Directors. With an unparalleled opportunity, park lane continues to empower women and men alike to realize their potential and reach for their dreams.

Why Jewelry It’s no surprise that jewelry has magnetic appeal – women are drawn to jewelry! Park lane consistently remains on the cutting edge of designer and celebrity-inspired creations in their designs.  There is something for everyone to love, from the most simple at hart to those who love glitz and glamour. Jewelry adds polish and pizzazz to your wardrobe and transforms clothing into an outfit.  Jewelry remains one of the top three gift-giving items year after year. Women never tire of receiving beautiful new jewelry! As for a product to represent, you constantly advertise your business by wearing your samples.

What makes us different?

Product Line

  • Fine fashion jewelry of the highest quality, with meticulous attention to detail and workmanship!
  • Up-to-date designs, hot off the runway – our cutting edge, trendy designs include designer-inspired couture creations as well as updated classics, all worthy of red-carpet attention!
  • Variety-simple-and-dainty, big-and-bold, glitz-and-glamour, and everything in between. Our styles will take you from the backyard to the boardroom to the ballroom! Designs for men and teens, too!

Unconditional Guarantee

  • It means just that – unconditional-for any reason!
  • It’s easy for the customer to take care of their own returns should they need to send anything back for any reason – they simply follow the instructions on the Validated Guarantee sheet that comes with their jewelry.

Five-Star Hostess Program

  • No company gives a hostess more options “now” (at the show) and “later” (after her bookings)! It’s an amazing array of benefits (including FREE credit, four ½ price items, four exclusive Hostess Only items and Monthly Hostess Specials and an incredible Booking Award program to name a few)!
  • Designed to help Fashion Directors book shows and fill their calendars!

Customer Sale Every Day

  • Customers are rewarded with one, two or three items for $12 each, based on their order!
  • Customers can choose current, in-line items as their $12 sale items – not discontinued pieces!

Compensation Plan

  • 30% – 50% commission PLUS bonuses!
  • Unique “Direct Appointment Program” for experienced direct sales “party –plan” managers!

Awards and Recognition

  • Two incentive trips that ANY Fashion Director can earn – take your family along too!
  • Two exciting National Conventions per year!
  • Earn the New Edition jewelry every month FREE – keep more of your profits in your pocket!
  • Earn $200 – $400 in jewelry and display aids monthly during your first 6 months!
  • Cash awards, designer outfits, merchandise contests, and more!

Fun and Easy Presentation

  • NO inventory, No deliveries, “business in a bag” for easy carry in and set up!


  • $5 Registration covers your Literature and Sales Aids pack to get you started (Training DVD, Guide to Success Manual, Catalogs, Order Forms, etc.)
  • $500 net sales at your Intro Party plus 5 bookings lined up in your first 30 days and attendance at an Initial Training Class gives you a FREE jewelry kit valued at $1000!
  • Process your shows and credit card payments for than $5 a month with your online Gold Membership. Access to a multitude of training aids on the website as well!
  • Multiple training opportunities – local, regional, and national trainings plus online support!



Contact me to find out how you can start your Test-Drive

 Elba Plaza





Jul 19th

Worry An Obstacle to Your Self-Empowerment

By Eluise Gambino
Welcome to C.O.R.E. ~ Creating Opportunities For Real Empowerment 
Listen in to our BlogTalk Radio Show, this episode is on:
Worry An Obstacle to Your Self-Empowerment 

We tend to create things to worry about. These worries seem so real yet they only exisit in our minds. When we focus on worry, our worries seem to be disempowering and leave us feeling like we cant do anything about them. Listen in to Empowerment Coaches Mary Anne and Eluise Gambino who will be talking about this and how to empower yourself and free yourself from worry.


Also, please feel free to join us LIVE every Friday @ 10am!! Visit our Facebbok Page for all the updates:

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Jul 14th

The 4-1-1 on Life Skills

By Michele Sfakianos
My latest book "The 4-1-1 on Life Skills: Essential Tips on: Home & Money Management; Personal Care & Safety; and More!" is now available on my website as well as major online retail bookstores.  Please go sample some free pages at www.the411onlifeskills.com.

Jul 12th

Why Your Next Vacation Should Be a Cruise

By Leslie Krenzelak
It's no secret that travel advisors love to travel. We love to take tours to exotic locales, stay in all-inclusive resorts on Caribbean islands, ride trains through the snow-capped mountains and enjoy this world every which way we can. However, our favorite way to explore is by cruising, which may surprise those of you who have never set foot on a modern cruise ship. Here's why:

Incredible Value - Since your fare covers practically everything you need-including accommodations, high-quality food available around the clock, enlightening education opportunities and top-notch entertainment-a cruise gives you the most bang for your vacation buck.

All are Welcome - No matter who you plan to travel with-toddlers, kids, teens, siblings, parents, grandparents or travelers with disabilities-they will have numerous age- and ability-appropriate activities to choose from on a cruise ship. Some cruise lines tend to cater to certain age groups; you can count on us to guide you to the perfect choice.

Destination Variety - Only on a cruise can you effortlessly experience multiple locations, cultures, food, even continents-all while unpacking only once. This offers a fabulous way to experience an entire region, such as the Mediterranean or Caribbean, to see what each country and island is like.

Never Bored Onboard - Today's cruise ships come with an incredible amount and range of options for you to enjoy every second you're onboard, including surfing right on deck, casinos, theatre, wine tastings, cooking demonstrations, shopping, video games, golfing simulators, rock-climbing walls, water parks, karaoke bars, dance halls, computer rooms, ice-skating rinks, bowling alleys and much more.

Just Your Size - Whether you want to experience a 5,000 passenger megaship that is a destination in itself, a private yacht with billowing sails or something in between, there's a cruise ship that's just your size. There are a wide range of options for you to choose from-thankfully we know them all

Jul 8th

Basic Tips for Small Biz Social Media Marketing

By Karen Teeters
How Do I Figure Out Social Media Marketing for My Small Business?
Or What do I do first? 
by Karen A. Teeters
When I go to networking meetings and share with other small business owners my specialty of creating websites and online marketing consulting, I always get asked about  the mystery of that latest buzz word, social media marketing. They are frustrated and say things like--I have a Facebook Account but I don't know what to say and what is Twitter for--?
Get Results
Are you one of these confused business owners? Many small business owners already have a website. They may have started a blog. They might even have a Facebook profile, a LinkedIn profile and maybe even a Twitter account  but most people are clueless when it comes to having a social media marketing strategy that will actually get results-people signing up for their newsletter or even people inquiring about their services from online efforts.

Excellent Website Presence
The simple thing that I advise is not to worry about becoming an expert in all of these at once. Before you as a small business start microblogging on Facebook or Twitter or joining  business groups on LinkedIn, I recommend that you have an excellent website presence that people feel is easy to navigate with a compelling what's in it for me statement and purpose on each page. In other words, before you take all that  time to put together your social media profiles and figure out  how to word your Facebook and Twitter comments, make sure the business home you are welcoming these prospects to is professional and effective.
I guess it is obvious since I am a  a website designer and developer that I would be  aware of this  essential.  As an an avid  and enthusiastic participant in social networking myself, I do love to follow other businesses. After reading intriguing comments on Facebook or Twitter, I always link to the listed website to find out more and I am often disappointed at what I see! Maybe you have had this experience too.
Don't Make Me Think!
So many small businesses may have started their businesses five or more years ago and have not done anything new to their websites since then!  This is a huge mistake as the online strategies and opportunities are changing daily! Making sure your site design is up to date, clean and easy to navigate with  the latest information on your company is just basic today. I recently read the excellent  web usability book by Steve Krug titled Don't Make Me Think which is the perfect advice as you review each page. Make it easy and keep it updated! There is so much more than creating your basic pages. Starting a blog to set yourself up as an  authority in your field is one. Making sure each  page has a clear purpose and a call to action for your prospects is another. And making sure there is an opt in box to sign up for newsletters and to keep track of potential leads is really key and not to be overlooked.
As I explain these details to fellow business owners, I usually end up offering a free evaluation of an owner's website so that I  can make a few recommendations. Once you have a site that is going to work for you and your customers, then I offer my insights on successful blogging tips and which social networking sites would be most successful for particular businesses.
Your Website needs to be an Inviting Home
So next time you get frustrated about how to use social networking, take a look at your website first and make sure it is an inviting home for your potential new guests! That is your first step to figuring out Social Media Marketing. Stay tuned to this blog for more tips.
For more tips on social media marketing, follow this blog and visit Karen Teeters' website at FiveStarSiteMakers.com. You may republish this article in full. Just make sure you list this paragraph and provide a link.
Jul 3rd

Creating with Intent

By Mary Anne Cipressy
There is a common misunderstanding as to what Creating with Intent really means. Creating with intent is not the same as creating an intention to be/do/have something. When you use an intention statement, in the form of a positive affirmation, to create an intention you will often see it formed like this.... "I intend to experience prosperity and abundance in my life" or you might see "I intend that my business is flourishing and income is flowing freely". Another way it is common to use these statements is to say...."It is my intention to let go of fear with ease and grace". When you use these types of statements you are creating an intention. This puts what it is you desire to manifest into the future. Energetically, it puts your manifestation into some future point of time. These types of statements are not definitive statements. Why would you intend to manifest something? Why not just manifest it?

Creating with intent however is creating with focus, attention as in the word intensity. It is creating with intensity, the intensity of your focus, attention....your energy.  This brings your energy into the present moment. The Law of Attraction responds to your energy, what you are feeling. The stronger the intensity of your desire, the larger the manifestation of that desire.

When you create with intent, you have a vision, you can feel that vision. You focus your energy, your thoughts on how that vision feels. When you hold onto this you can actually feel the energy grow and expand.

All things are created energetically long before they ever manifest.If you want to manifest something do not intend to do so but do so with intent, with the intensity of your energy and let that energy grow and expand.  
Jul 2nd

Creating Opportunities For Real Empowerment

By Eluise Gambino

Join me on Blog Talk Radio for our archived shows on how to live an empowered, productive and healthy life! Listen in and hear us share tips and tools on how to create a Self-Empowered Life!

Click to our page C.O.R.E. ~ Creating Opportunities For Real Empowerment & listen in to our last radio show featuring the topics of "I'm Stuck" and how our conditioning (upbringing, beliefs, etc.) can drive us to either stay there or move us into a new reality.

Jul 1st

Soy and it's health benefits as we age

By Debbie Dusylovitch

Eat soy in moderation. Tofu and other soy foods are an excellent red meat alternative. In some cultures, tofu and soy foods are a protein  But if you haven't grown up eating lots of soy, there's no reason to go overboard: Two to 4 servings a week is a good target.

Revival soy products are showing great benefit to women as we age. Reduction in mood swings, night sweats, hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms.

Recommendations to try are, 1 cup of soy milk,  1/2 cup of tofu, a 1/2 cup of tempeh, a 1/2 cup green soy (edamame) or a handful of roasted soy nuts. Each give about 35-50 mg of soy isoflavones. As a whole women need at least 100-160 mg of soy to get relief  from menopausal symptoms.

If you have a choice between unfermented soy products, like tofu, and fermented soy products, like tempeh, it's probably better to go for the fermented variety.The fermentation process drastically reduces the presence of phyto-estrogens (plant estrogens) that are naturally found in soy.

When adding soy to your diet beware it can cause gas, the bacteria in the intestinal track needs to adjust to the new food. If it becomes an issue Beano or digestive enzymes should do the trick.

Need help with providing nourishing home cooked meals for you or your loved ones. Debbie's Mobile Kitchen can help. www.debsmobilekitchen.com.

Jun 30th

And A Travel Planner Was Born...

By Leslie Krenzelak

Krenz Travel2.jpgI’ve been working in the travel industry for over a year.  What an amazing industry to be a part of.  I love all the planning it takes to make a trip come together.  The consult, where I really get a feel for my client’s vision; the research that is involved taking that vision and turning it into a reality; presenting a custom made experience to my client and hearing the joy, excitement and anticipation in their voice when their dream becomes a reality to them.  It’s amazing.  4 months ago I realized that the icing on the cake for me for planning travel for clients who were celebrating a special event.  Whether it is a romantic vacation for two at some tropical beach hide-a-way, or a fundraiser cruise benefiting a very worthy organization, I find purpose in making those particular dreams come true.  Special Events travel for the individual, group or small business is what I am passionate about.

Special events travel is about bringing people together in celebration at an unforgettable destination.  Whether it’s the celebration of love, a job well done, or loyalty to your favorite non-profit, the energy created by traveling with your loved ones or people united for a great cause is unbeatable.  And when the trip is unique, custom made for that newly married couple or young company wanting to reward its employees…  Ahhh! Pure travel bliss!

If you are planning to travel for your special event, start with what you would like the end result to look and feel like.  Once you know what you want your experience to be, you'll find it less of a challenge to pick destinations, hotels, etc.  Using a travel professional is your best bet. We live for it.


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