Apr 26th

Face Lift Massage:The Right Balance

By Yolanda Russo
There is no doubt that the world of cosmetic procedures and cosmetic devices is a confusing one. There is thousands websites dispensing information about different lotions and potions to make you instantly look younger. There is a mass confusion with no clear direction and unfortunately the media promotes the notion of a quick fix through surgery or other invasive procedures. The message they send to the public is there is no way to fix the signs of aging naturally.

Speranzi Facial Spa was created on a principle that Maturity Is A State Of Mind! Face Lift Massage is as old as  world, Cleopatra bathed in honey and milk and got massages to stay healthy and beautiful.
Our Face Lift Massage treatment proves to be quick and effective in recovering the youthful facial features and deliver relaxation at the same time. The simple fact of muscle tightening by exercising it is not a miracle, it is a know fact that we promote by joining gyms and working out regularly.

Facial treatments offer a healthy balance through infusion of extra oxygen  pumped by stimulated muscles. This action  helps to create a healthy internal environment thus promoting health and beauty within. Lifestyle changes can improve our health and beauty making elective procedures completely unnecessary.

For more information or testimonials please visit www.speranzi.com and share the excitement with your friends.

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Apr 24th

:: reinvention + embracing change, now is the time ::

By Tara Correll

Project: You. Radical * Soul * Love

Become more of who you are. Find that sweet spot, where you morph from good to extraordinary. Digging deep takes courage + healthy risk: the willingness to travel outside your comfort zone, to uncharted territory, a destination you’ve only imagined in your mind’s eye; a place where you shine with pride, strength, brilliance and inspiration.

Entrepreneurs + Business Leaders: Learn to identify, summon + leverage opportunity with laser sharp focus, because timing is everything… you’ll do what you love.

Self-Image + Self-Esteem: Get clear and unload your “baggage”. Break down barriers that block your inward vision. Learn to love the real you, stifle your inner critique; establish an innate price tag on your value and worth.

Re-establish a solid relationship with yourself and those around you: As you peel back the layers, you’ll attract what you align with; {your true core + authentic self} and have a whole lot more you, to offer up.

Learn to trust your first thought, your “gut” instinct. Brilliant quote by author Natalie Goldberg: First thoughts have tremendous energy. The internal censor usually squelches them, so we live in the realm of second and third thoughts, thoughts on thoughts, twice and three times removed from the direct connection of the first fresh flash.”

The game plan: Offering a mélange of integrative modalities + the gift of grounded, practical intuition, designed to coax your creativity and help actualize your bigger picture, no matter your age.

Unearth your higher selfProject: You. Radical. Soulful. Lovely.

Contact Me: (Your Coach + Personal Guide.)

Drawing by Student + Artist Riley Gish.

With Gratitude,

Apr 12th

the certainty of where you’re from :: the foundation of where you’re going

By Tara Correll

:: on sustainability, interdependence + not being your own island.

“You don’t know where you’re going, until you know where you’re from.”  Aunt Wendy, Bailey-Wilson ‘Ohana (family) Reunion.

“I am because we are.” Translation: The African word, Ubuntu.

In Western European culture for the most part, we are groomed to go out into the world, with the intent of staking our claim. We are told that once we’re of a certain age, we should pursue higher education, seek a high paying career, move away from family and be the pioneers of our personal success. The idea that it’s critical for growth, maturity and the harnessing of autonomy is in part, true. At times, the downside of this ideal is the degradation of emotional stability and severing of the core foundation that a family may have intended to build.

I know firsthand, how that scenario can play out. I left home at seventeen, moved back home at eighteen and married at nineteen. Divorced at twenty-one, I moved away from my family in Alaska, back to my birth state of Washington. Prior to my move, my parents were also struggling with divorce; I felt there was no emotional space for me, so I made the decision that moving would be my best option, my only option.

In the first few years of “my independence”, many times I struggled and lost my footing; encountered loneliness and uncertainty, financial hardship, personal crisis and craved emotional nourishment, all in the name of independence and success. Without guidance or mentoring, I mastered the ability to think quickly on my feet. As a graduate of the University of Street Smarts, I mastered the skill of making slapstick decisions as a survivalist would in the wild, based on dire need, not on my heart’s desire. Many may argue that it was character building; in reflection as a woman and as a parent, I call bullshit. To the friends that offered me payday loans, fed me, offered temporary transportation and helped cover my rent, thank you. I have never forgotten you.

The notion that I was on a voyage of personal success, emotionally sound, with a fine-tuned navigational system was a lie: truth was, I was drowning. I lacked spiritual strength, a stable foundation and a sense of myself; I had not a clue as to who I was.

A pivotal experience.

Last summer, my family and I joined one hundred of my relatives for our family reunion on the island of O’ahu, in the town of Laie. At the time, it was exactly what I needed. There is a unique pulse to the Hawaiian culture, as with many indigenous tribes; a reverence for elders, an honoring of ancestry and a collective bonding that I’d never before experienced. For the first time, I felt a part of something much larger than myself. Metaphorically I grew roots; I had a clearer vision of my future, through the stories of my past.

In this world of technology, it’s far too easy to sequester ourselves as if we’re off basking on our own island. We’re not impervious in our desire and need for connection, or our longing for a sense of belonging.

Interdependence takes the willingness to go beyond ourselves, as we are a continuum of one another. Our emotional strength and social survival rely upon it. Only then will we as individuals thrive.  

Who are you?

If uncertain, I strongly urge you to explore where you’re from. Everything you've thought to be true of yourself may just fall away. That cathartic experience quite possibly, could reinterpret the course of your life.


Apr 10th

NEW TREND in men's grooming: Business Beards

By Lisa Marie Giuressi
Ladies, does your man don the facial hair trends of today?  This exclusive line of mens grooming products not only help keep his beautiful face in order, they do it easily, with minimul efforts.  Check it out:   


Apr 8th

Makeup Musts for Spring 2012

By Angela DiMauro

     LMC Makeup Blog

Trends and Tricks You Need to Know about…

March, 2012/ Is your makeup bag ready for spring 2012

Makeup Musts for Spring 2012
By Angela DiMauro 

Spring has come early this year with the evidence of budding trees and sprouting spring flowers. The question is… will your makeup bag contain makeup you need to create a fresh new look to match the renewed, energized feeling of spring? With the endless possibilities that springtime can bring, you can transform your look to gain that feeling of renewal that is so reminiscent of spring. To get started let the colors of spring flowers inspire your selections to help you look your best.

When choosing colors and shades to create your spring look, keep nature and its natural beauty in mind to accomplish your goal. Visualize the breathtaking colors of the sun from its soft sunflower shine to a burnt orange glow. The variation of color and textures found in nature highlight its beauty and will also bring out the beauty on your face this spring. One of the suggested accents is to consider that a bronzer color, as found in the earth and sands from all over the world, will give you a glow you will love.  Lovely shades of pastel flowers will brighten your eyes. For an exciting exotic look, perhaps add a touch of gold to the lid area.Orange is the color for 2012. Be prepared to see it used in fashion and makeup. Makeup shades in orange tones will be used to brighten eye lids, apples of cheeks and lips. If you aren’t sure that orange will flatter your lips, try shades of red that have orange tones in them. Another suggestion to soften an orange lip is to add a gloss with a pinkish nud Shimmery pinks and soft corals give lips and cheek a luminous glow. Accent lashes and groom brows to give your look a youthful finish.

Get ready for the best spring ever with these suggestions to intensify your natural beauty.



Apr 6th

Art To Enhance Your Home

By Vita Anne Burdi
(taken from Ask A Remodeler LI by Vita Anne Burdi, CKD, CBD, VP of DJ's Home Improvements)

Den Remodel by DJ's Home Improvements

Art is an expression of color and feeling and each person will view it differently, according to his/her likes and dislikes. Artwork decorates your home, bringing out the colors and hues in the walls and décor. When remodeling your home, think about how it will enhance your favorite print, painting, or photograph. As an experienced designer for over 20 years, I can help you incorporate your artwork and treasured photographs into your project.

http://djshome.com/images/blog_images/family-room-with-art.jpgWhen exploring the world of art, we come to realize that art forms are as unique as our personalities and characteristics. When remodeling your home, think about how your newly remodeled home and new decor will work with your collection of art and photographs. We can design and present to you CAD drawings of your new home remodel incorporating the artwork you love and cherish, even before your remodeling project begins.

CAD Rendering of Den Remodel by DJ's Home ImprovementsCarefully finding the best location to bring out the best in your art collection, along with good color combinations, will not only be eye-catching, it will bring the focus on the art pieces. A designer will help you create an arrangement of accessories in your home, which can bring out the colors in your decor.

Arrangement of framed art in Den Remodel by DJ's Home ImprovementsAnother thing to consider is how light will play on the artwork in the room, especially if there is a great deal of sunlight. Natural lighting in the morning and the afternoon will make colors appear differently. With a properly planned lighting design, you will find that situating artificial light, such as spotlights, can bring out the colors in your art.

Of course, there is nothing as beautiful as a piece of artwork that you are passionate about, however, you can also affect how a viewer’s eyes are guided toward the art by the choice of matting and frames. With the many choices in matting and frames, your designer will help you choose the best suited for your (grouping of) art.

Many people are in a quandary when it comes time to hang a painting. Most people erroneously believe a painting should be hung at eye level. However, we all come in many different shapes and sizes. If a 6’3” man and a petite woman of 5’1” are looking at the same painting, it might appear to be too low or too high, depending on who is looking at it.

Living Room Fireplace Design, with Framed Painting by Isobel KaufmanTo gauge the correct height of a painting, measure the distance to the furniture below it. A picture should be six to eight inches above a sofa or eight to ten inches above most other furniture. If placed any higher than that, it will seem disengaged from the furniture and put the rest of the room off balance. A well-planned design will show your contractor where to appropriately mount your art.

When hiring a design-build remodeler for your new space remember to mention your most precious art collection and photographs. A design-build remodeler will help you incorporate your treasures into your home remodel to create a completely improved space full of your beautiful art and fond memories.

Do you have a collection of art and/or photographs that need proper framing and display? Is your home decor currently clashing with your art collection? Do your walls feel empty and can’t decide how to decorate?

Contact DJ’s Home Improvements for a design consultation. We can incorporate your collection of art, in its entirety and seamlessly, into your home remodel. # 516-775-8696 or contact@djshome.com

*DJ’s Home Improvements is an award-winning design and build remodeling company. Vita and Jerry have been staples of the Franklin Square community for 30 years. As homeowners and business owners for over 21 years in Franklin Square, we are also members of the Franklin Square Kiwanis, Chamber of Commerce, Sons of Italy, National Association of the Remodeling Industry, plus the National Kitchen and Bath Association and awarded Big50 in Remodeling. In 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 we have received the Contractor of the Year awards.

If you are interested in having us design and build your home remodel project please call us at #516-775-8696.
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Apr 3rd

PLEASE CAST YOUR VOTE for ECO-Armour "shaving with benefits" products for the QVC Sprouts Contest

By Lisa Marie Giuressi
Apr 2nd

Thinking of creating your own organic Perfume???

By Lisa Marie Giuressi

The scent of a woman is her own unique mystic masterpiece inducing a lingering memory, never to be forgotton. AE Labs Organic Perfumery can manufacture these organic fragrances exclusively for your business. We custom craft beautiful memory yielding organic fragrances your customers won't soon forget, and will be sure to keep coming back to you for more.

For more information, please contact me at
lisamarie@atmosphereessentials.com OR (347) 552-1906

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