Jan 22nd

A Surprising Productivity Secret (It's not a available online!)

By ling wong

It’s New Year and everywhere I look, there are some “gurus” or “experts” talking about “setting up successful habits” or “how to be more productive.”

Despite being a bit of a rebel, I value routines, structures and frameworks – as long as they are mine. They form the skeleton upon which we create freedom.

They remove unnecessary decision-making that drains our energy and focus so we can save our brain juice for what really matters.

When I studied design and architecture in (the country’s #1) grad school, a “program” (a set of requirements or needs or problems to solve) forms the premise of each design project. The framework is what sets the final product apart from some self-gratuitous artsy-fartsy self-referential object.

The rules, the parameters and the reality of gravity spark creativity and allow the freedom of expression to be meaningful.

So why do I have bones with those gurus talking about “success habits” and such?

Whenever they say – for the first 90 minutes in the morning, keep everyone out so you can meditate, exercise, make green juice, journal till you turn blue and set intention for your day – I laugh.

Reality is, my kids wake up at some ungodly hour like 5.30am and no, I don’t have it in me to drag my ass up at 4am to meditate. If they find me anywhere other than my pillow (they know better not to disturb), I would not have a moment of peace.

Do the highest priority tasks in the morning? 
Fat chance – try that as you pack lunches for two, while running after a 2-year-old who drops whatever he eats on the floor and demands food every 5 minutes, very loudly.

Do the income generating projects first thing? 
Yeah right – try it with Happy Feet in the background and “mommy play doh open” every 5 minutes.

I don’t follow the rules because if I try, I would fail miserably. Yet most people I interact with are impressed by my productivity. Go figure.

It is a losing battle to squeeze some arbitrary routine designed by someone who knows NOTHING about my life into my life.

To be Productive, we have to find what DRIVES us and what works for us.

What Is Productivity?

Being Productive does not equate doing busy work. It is about doing work that MATTERS. Doing work that is meaningful to YOU.

It is not defined by some arbitrary numbers or measurement imposed by others.

Productivity is NOT about crossing sh*t off some random checklist.

Productivity is completing projects that MATTER to the expansion of your business.

The First Step To Being Productive is Being STILL

Make space for creativity to flow so you can identify you MIAs (Most Important Actions) that are in alignment with YOUR vision and value.

And it’s not just about doing stuff. It is also about protecting your energy from things that don’t matter so you can spend it on what do matter.

Discipline is required when you need to eliminate mental distraction so you can stop the worst energy drains, which come in the form of busy work that make you take your focus off your MIAs and spin your wheels. 

These busy work includes tasks that others make you *think* to be important, but really, they are not for YOU.

Bottom line is, you need to know what REALLY matters to YOU and your biz – not what other people say what “should” matter.

Then, you can put my #1 Productivity into good use...

Ready for My #1 Productivity Tool?

DISCERNMENT. Yep, just like that.

We are tempted to do stuff because the “gurus” say so, or our competition is doing so.

But is that right for YOU?

Will it take you where YOU want to go?

Do you know what your big WHY is?

Do you know what your business is about?

Do you know who you want to BE in your business?

If you can nail the Ultra-Clarity, Identity and Conviction that are deep inside of you, they will become the guiding light and filter you use to make decisions.

You won’t be taking any action just because it comes your way, or because others say you “have to.” The action you CHOOSE will bring you closer to alignment. (Misalignment = time, money and energy leak = sucks)

Discernment will help you stop wasting time, energy and money to chase after theBright Shiny Objects. It will help you dig out of the Comparison Trap so you can stop rubber necking and actually keep your eyes on where you are going.

Awareness is the key – GUT check often to make sure you are doing what you are doing not out of fears or conformity.


If you find yourself getting sucked into the social media dark hole, or doing sh*t that doesn’t give you results… you may want to look into why that is, and what you are HIDING from, instead of stuffing yourself into other people’s idea of “what a productive schedule should look like.”

We can “produce” enough if we have enough time. But do you? What if, your Time Management problem may not be about managing TIME – have you considered that possibility? What if, you can change that?

Chances are, it’s not because you don’t have the discipline or the willpower. Stop beating yourself up - you may be barking up the wrong tree.

It’s more likely that you have not found that DRIVE in you that will render any distraction powerless...
Do you have an unwavering MESSAGE to guide your CHOICES?

Do you have a CONVICTION that leads to COMMITMENT to fuel the GUMPTION so you can stick with it and stay on task?

For my clients, NAILING THEIR MESSAGES and finding their Drive gives them the rocket fuel behind productivity in a way that creates FREEDOM to fully expressing their creativity and personality through their business.

>> If you are ready to nail your message and get the Rocket Fuel for Ultimate Productivity – join me for this Nail Your Message 60-Day Experience.

About the Author

Through her unique blend of business + marketing coaching with a Mindset + Psychic Twist, Ling Wong helps Maverick Entrepreneurs nail their message, claim their superpowers and muster up the GUTS to monetize their Truth so they can build a purposeful and profitable Personality-Driven business that is a full expression of their creativity and individuality.

Download the free “Monetize Your Truth” Mindset + Marketing bundle here.

Jan 19th

Work Hard Today, Create Something Brilliant Tomorrow!

By Sheri Horn Hasan
Work hard toward your goals between today and the Aquarius New Moon on Tuesday morning!

While the Moon is in Capricorn take care to integrate into this workaholic-type energy its polar opposite: the energy of the sensitive and compassionate sign of Cancer...

Employ self-nurturing, self-compassion, & be kind to both your own psyche and that of others. And remember that your thoughts create your reality!

Think positively about yourself, & don't drive yourself to work hard at ALL costs. If you incorporate self-care into your routine, you will accomplish far more than material gain--material gain will simply be the icing on your cake...

Now--and for the next two days while the Moon is in Cap--is the time to work on your list of intentions for the New Moon's 48-hour period starting at 8:14 a.m. ET on January 20. In other words, WORK your way into the harmonious energy of the Aquarius New Moon when you'll put these intentions out into the universe in order to make them manifest down the line!

Enjoy the journey folks, & happy Moon waning-in-Capricorn-almost-New Moon day! The early bird gets the worm, but nice guys DON'T always finish last, hahahaha! ;-)Cap New Moon 1-18-15.png
Jan 19th

Work Hard Today, Create Something Brilliant Tomorrow!

By Sheri Horn Hasan
Work hard toward your goals between today and the Aquarius New Moon on Tuesday morning!

While the Moon is in Capricorn take care to integrate into this workaholic-type energy its polar opposite: the energy of the sensitive and compassionate sign of Cancer...

Employ self-nurturing, self-compassion, & be kind to both your own psyche and that of others. And remember that your thoughts create your reality!

Think positively about yourself, & don't drive yourself to work hard at ALL costs. If you incorporate self-care into your routine, you will accomplish far more than material gain--material gain will simply be the icing on your cake...

Now--and for the next two days while the Moon is in Cap--is the time to work on your list of intentions for the New Moon's 48-hour period starting at 8:14 a.m. ET on January 20. In other words, WORK your way into the harmonious energy of the Aquarius New Moon when you'll put these intentions out into the universe in order to make them manifest down the line!

Enjoy the journey folks, & happy Moon waning-in-Capricorn-almost-New Moon day! The early bird gets the worm, but nice guys DON'T always finish last, hahahaha! wink emoticonCap New Moon 1-18-15.png
Jan 14th

The Secret to Defining Your Lucrative Niche

By ling wong

Recently I have talked to many people who are struggling to “figure out” their niche for their businesses. Some of them are just starting out, and some have been in business for a while but feel that “something is missing” in their messages, their target markets and their offerings.

These are not “dumb” people – most of them have a pretty good handle on the “marketing” stuff but seem to be stuck in limbo, unable to find the FIRE to light up their actions.

I was there, about 18 months ago. My business was plugging along nicely, hitting the 6-figure mark as I spent a lot of time with my newborn and 3-year-old, working 25 hours or so a week (and doing yoga every morning!)

But something was unsettling. I started to feel like I was punching the clock and doing things “by the book” – where had my creativity and personality gone?

My marketing knowledge and skills could only take me so far. What do I really believe in, and who do I want to BE for my peeps?

“Plugging along” doesn’t mean progress, or expansion. We have to reignite that FIRE to get out of “clone drone” existence.

The #1 Reason You Are Stuck Like a Peking Duck

(Will explain the Peking Duck bit in a moment, other than it rhythms…)

To get out of limbo and find the FIRE to inform impactful actions, we need to determine our big WHY, WHO, WHAT and HOW – which will also conveniently translate into your niche if you do it right.

“Yeah yeah, I have done this ‘niche’ thing a dozen times in different programs and trainings, but it didn’t get me very far. I am still confused and frankly, feel incompetent because I seem to be the only one who can’t figure it out,” you may say.

I hear you – been there, done that.

Here is the problem – most of these trainings package “niche” as “a thing” to sell. They blow the subject, with too much emphasis on “formula” and “research”, out of proportion – like, it’s the magic pill that will relieve all your pain if you just “find your niche.”

Sadly, many people got “pushed” into a niche (because they were told they need to have one right here right now) before they are ready to “claim it”, picking something half-assed-ly from a “niche menu” (because someone told them it is “viable” or “lucrative”) only to find out it does not resonate after they spent months down the rabbit hole of building everything around this “made-believe” niche.

All these emphasis and attention on research and data have distracted you from the most important thing in the equation – YOU!

You are the secret sauce in your business. Data are just representations of the past. They serve to inform. They cannot synthesize and innovate without your creativity and individuality.

Unfortunately, if you stick with the marketplace’s collective memory, you will produce something that reflects the “what has been”, not something innovative that looks to the future.

Here comes the Peking Duck bit – we literally stuff ourselves with “other people’s view points and ways of doing things” at the expense of our own beliefs, passion and conviction. All those template and checklists, blueprints and formula are weighing us down.

They make us think if we look outside of ourselves, we will find the key to the kingdom.

The first step to finding your very own big WHY, WHO, WHAT and HOW is to question everything – is this idea, belief, or concept coming from deep within YOU, or is it something you were told that is “supposed to be?”

With that mindset, ask what YOU and your business is about –

  • Why the heck did you go into business in the first place? (Be selfish here. No body is judging, you don’t have to save the world.)
  • What do you want your business to do FOR you?
  • What is your passion and conviction? What are YOU about? What riles you up? What makes you angry about your industry?
  • What are your superpowers?
  • How are you going to blend desires, conviction, superpowers altogether and express it fully in your business so your personality shines through?
  • Who do you want to work with that will really light you up? Don’t give me women 25-45, because I don’t think all women 25-45 will light you up.
  • How does your conviction apply to these people? How can your superpowers serve them in a way that others can’t?

You are not going to bend your message to fit some market research data. You are going to wrap them around your message to make marketing work FOR you big WHY.

When you get to the bottom of it and find YOUR passion and vision, you will also nail that CONVICTION from the GUTS that leads to COMMITMENT, which fuels the GUMPTION to “stick with it” and make it happen.

It is not an easy task to get to that place of ultra-clarity (if it’s easy, there wouldn’t be so many people being stuck!), then formulate it into an Identity you can claim and translate it into marketing communication that sells while allowing all of your individuality and personality to shine through.

I am pretty darn diligent (and a bit pigheaded) and it took me 12 months and a 5-figure private coaching program to dig myself out of the rut. I want to make it happen for you in 60 days, for less than a grand.

Are you game? Check out this brand new Nail Your Message Private VIP Intensive.(psssst, pilot program pricing going away soon!)


About the Author:

May 2014 - polaroidThrough her unique blend of business + marketing coaching with a Mindset + Psychic Twist, Ling Wong helps Maverick Entrepreneurs nail their message, claim their superpowers and muster up the GUTS to monetize their Truth so they can build a purposeful and profitable Personality-Driven business that is a full expression of their creativity and individuality.

Download her free “Monetize Your Truth” Mindset + Marketing bundle here.

Jan 2nd

How To Protect Your Boundary and Integrity with Proper Scoping

By ling wong

Have you encountered clients who ask you to “just throw in” that one more thing… habitually? You think it’s not a big deal, you want to be “nice” and of course, you don’t want to “offend” a client. But on the other hand, you feel like you are “being taken advantage of” and the constant giving without being properly acknowledged or compensated just doesn’t sit right.

I know, it’s a tough call… especially if you are in the “helping profession” (with a natural tendency to help!) and/or are the “sensitive” type.

Hmmm, between a rock and a hard place? Not really, there is a way out so you can uphold your boundary and integrity without sounding remotely like a jerk. It involves me whipping out my 10-year project management chops to show you some soulful scoping.

Before the nuts-and-bolts, let’s get over a misconception:

Scoping Is Not Nickel-and-Diming

Having a clear and defined scope allows you and your clients to understand how to act and what to expect in your working relationship. If something is out of scope and you say “no” or ask for additional compensation – there is no hard feeling or weird energy.

A clear scope helps you protect your boundaries with integrity. And it’s not just for you.

If you spend you time and energy doing “extra” work for one single client without being fairly compensated, you are unable to devote your attention to clients who are actually paying you for your work. The quality of your work suffers, and how is it fair to those clients who are actually paying you for your work and respect your boundary?

Also consider this: if you keep “throwing things in” without being compensated, you will get resentful about your work and this energy will poison your business and relationship with your other clients.

Scoping Is Not Rocket Science

Sure, I used to bang out 50-page scope documents on a weekly basis for projects worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. But you don’t have to do that.

Simple documentation as part of an agreement your clients sign off before the start of your services should be sufficient for most (note: this is not legal advice, I am no lawyer.)

The scope would simply detail what you agree to deliver for the amount that is paid to you.

(Note: if you are a coach, you are NOT promising results. You are promising what your client will get as the “features” of your program, e.g. number of xx-minute phone coaching sessions, handouts, email support and expectation in terms of turnaround time, supplementary reading materials etc.)

If there are a few things you always “throw in” for clients, add them to your scope and take them into account when pricing your service.

The more specific you get, the easier your life will be when you encounter “clients that make your cringe” who pull that “just one more thing” thing.

What To Do When the Client Asks For that “One More Thing”?

With a well-defined scope/list of deliverables that your client has signed off on, you can simply say it’s not covered in the original scope of the service – period.

If you are kind of a “recovering over-giver” and /or compelled to sound “nice”, you can say something like “I really would like to do this for you but unfortunately it’s not in the scope of this service and to be fair to my other clients, I won’t be able to provide it as part of the package you have purchased.”

Then, based on what the client needs at the moment, you can suggest a few options – e.g. a maintenance program or retainer service, another service/coaching package, or upgrade to a higher level program or package. (See below)

It Doesn’t Mean They Can’t Get What They Want

They just have to pay for it so your time, effort and energy can be acknowledged andcompensated. It is very important, not only from the monetary perspective. It has an impact on you attitude toward your business, and your very own self-worth.

Most of the time, these clients just want to test the boundary (subconsciously) to see what they can get away with. If you suggest something reasonable, more often than not they are willing to pay if they really want it – because it’s fair!

Here are a few ways to go about it:

Amendment to the Original Agreement

In the agency world it’s called “change order.” It is essentially an amendment in written format detailing the change in scope and the additional fee involved.

It’s the most flexible way to go if you cannot anticipate what your clients may request. Of course, do this with integrity – you are only going to add on a service if it actually falls in your area of expertise and you can deliver the intended results.

Otherwise, don’t let the fear of lack or the fear of being vulnerable get in the way – don’t go for the quick buck, be honest about your capability and if you know someone who can do the job well, make a referral.

Menu of a La Carte Services

I don’t advocate selling “a la carte” services (or single sessions) to everyone and anyone. However, you can create a menu of these services available exclusively to your current clients as add-on to their packages, and make this a “perk” for being your clients.

It is often of higher service to your clients because most of the time, these piecemeal services will not have the intended results unless you have a good understanding of the clients, which means they need to be already working with you to get the most out of these add-ons.

E.g. Although I have been asked quite often to do copywriting, I don’t provide copywriting services to people unless they are my clients. For my platinum client, their package comes with copy editing. For other clients, they can purchase copywriting services as an add-on whenever it’s needed.

Purchase Another Package

Sometimes, what the client requests may be something completely different from what is included in the current package, and you have another package that meets her needs.

Maybe she is asking for a part of one of your other package, and you know for her best interest, she would need to purchase the entire package to get the best results. In this case, don’t go for the quick buck but take the time to educate the client why purchasing this other package will be of best interest to her.

Sometimes, you may have to refuse delivering a partial package if it’s not going to create the intended results for your clients. Remember, you are the expert of your offerings – own it.

You can offer a discount for existing clients as a nice gesture. Make sure it’s a fair energetic exchange so it’s not about people-pleasing or begging for business (energy of lack.)

Upgrade To a Bigger Package

Sometimes people may not know what they really need when they start a working relationship. Clients are also more willing to trust you and go into a higher-priced engagement once they feel comfortable with your style and trust your ability to deliver.

If what your client wants is covered by a “bigger” package that includes the deliverables of the current package, you can recommend an upgrade so she just pays for the difference in price. You may want to review the deliverables to see what has been delivered and what is outstanding, and make an amendment to your original agreement to reflect the changes.

Make It a Long-Term Relationship

If the client is near the end of a program or package and wants continual support, you can offer a retainer or a maintenance program. You have to be the judge to make sure that scaled-back availability is sufficient to support this client, and make sure the amount of support a client gets per month is clearly outlined.

Saying “No” Can Still Be Tough If You Don’t Have the Right Mindset

Saying “no” or stepping up for yourself to ask for more compensation is not always an easy thing – knowing the “how” does not always mean you have the ability to protect your boundary.

If you score high as Nurturer, Connector or Romantic in this Sacred Money Archetype Assessment, you may need to be more mindful about your boundary, create system to keep your “people-pleaser” in line, and make sure you don’t go into over-giving mode because of fears of being disapproved, losing love, being judged, ending up with nothing etc.

You need to have the confidence to step up and own your expert status because there are times you will have to refuse a client’s request for her best interest, and be able to educate her on the reason.

You also need to realize your responsibility to your other clients because if your time and energy is sucked by one “client from hell,” your other clients will not be able to get the best of you – and that’s what they paid you for.

It is YOUR responsibility to set clear boundaries and educate your clients on the way you roll so they can get the best out of their experience working with you. So chuck that victim/martyr mentality – if you allow “clients from hell” to drain your time and energy, it is YOUR boundary crime to commit.


Just having the “how to” is only half the story. Your mindset is the determining factor behind if your strategies and tactics are achieving their intended results.

Ready for a Mindset upgrade for your biz? Let’s talk.

How are you going to set your boundary with integrity? Share your thoughts in the comment here.

Dec 30th

Are SMART Goals Dumbing Us Down?

By ling wong

It’s the time of the year that most people do that “New Year Resolution” thing. When you look up goal setting and have participated in any program that has anything to do with “setting goals”, you have probably heard of “SMART goals.”

I have been resisting “goal setting” for a long time. Something does not resonate with me. I know if we want to get to where we want to go, we need to know where we are going. I know with a destination, we can chart a course and find the means to get there. So I have been plagued by guilt because of my seeming inability to “set goals” and do the “resolution” thing… just like everyone else does (or just like everyone professes.)

Until I realized maybe it’s the way “goal setting” is done, and not the idea of “goal setting” itself that is the challenge. So I look at how most of us are taught to set goals.

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Bound.

There is absolutely merit to this way of thinking – I am sure it works for some, and if it’s rocking your world, stick with it by all means.

This article is not about arguing what the “right way” is – my intention is to point out a few things and let YOU decide what’s best for your circumstances.

I want to share a different perspective so we can discern when setting SMART goals may be causing us to negate our bigger picture. How its approach may create a point of view that blinds us from dreaming big and being gutsy.

If you are nodding your head in agreement that you are often stumped by this goal-setting thing, and find it to be constrictive, here is a different way to look at it from the “dream big, be gusty” angle.


Is Being “Specific and Measurable” Diverting Our Attention?

If you are familiar with the Desire Map, then you understand why you want to focus on how you want to feel and do things to create that feeling, instead of getting the “thing” that you think may generate the feeling.

I am all about “feeling it” because our soul and intuition communicate with us through our emotions. But getting down and dirty to our core and in touch with our deepest desires and feelings can be scary.

Hiding behind the numbers or the “tangible” (aka, “specific”) stuff can be a convenient way to divert our attention so we don’t have to face what truly matters to us on a deeper level.

When we put “numbers” down, it creates a bias toward using the “logical mind” and mutes our intuition. It puts the left brain on overdrive and asks the right brain (where big picture and creativity lie) to take a back seat.

It may help us “get things done” but it may also make us myopic and turn us into taskmasters who has lost sight of what we want to BE about.

Putting a number (or a “tangible” metric) down can make us obsess about the number, instead of staying with the “why” behind setting that number. The “obsession” may get us to do things that are not aligned with “who we are” (or who we want to BE) just so we can hit an arbitrary number.

If you “make” the numbers by doing something not aligned with who you want to be and where you want to go, are you sending yourself down a wrong route, doing busy work that actually takes you further away from your big vision and ultimate goal?


Is Being “Attainable and Realistic” Limiting Our Possibilities?

Flying to the moon was not “realistic” before it became a reality, but we did it anyway.

If everything we do has to be “attainable and realistic” based on our current understanding of what is possible for our circumstances, it’s hard to stretch ourselves and create out-of-the-box breakthroughs.

Staying within the confines of what is “attainable” can become a handy excuse for our ego – which doesn’t like defeat, which fears being vulnerable and criticized – to hide behind so we don’t have to face plant when we declare our big vision.

Is “being realistic” keeping us small? Is “being attainable” drawing a line to keep us in before we start venturing out?

Staying “attainable and realistic” gives us an excuse to not push our limit – it can become a permission slip to stay safe within the boundary of the “known.”

If we want to work with the limitless resourcefulness of our higher selves and the universe, does it make sense to limit ourselves to what is “attainable and realistic” based on what we know and can perceive as available to us at this moment in time?


Is Being “Time-Bound” Limiting Our Flexibility?

With a project management background, I don’t have bones with setting timelines. In fact, I push my clients with somewhat aggressive timelines to kick their butts.

But… what are you putting a timeline on? If it’s a specific task in a project, I am very cool with that. It keeps you on your toes and actually get shit done.

However, if it’s a timeline for a bigger vision with multiple variables, it may limit your flexibility. When you fixate on the timeline, would it prevent you from exploring options that may take longer but actually be more aligned with your vision?

Having a timeline may make us feel that we are in control, but…

“Control” is an illusion and we know our path unfolds not according to what our ego thinks to be “right.”

Ok, I have to make the jump here because it’s a gut thing and I can’t wrap a “logical argument” around this yet:

this illusion of control is actually disempowering us. It diverts our attention to “fixing” things rather than making the best of opportunities that arises, thereby limiting our possibilities.


Soooo… what to do?

You be the judge of when being SMART is indeed smart, and when being SMART is actually limiting your possibilities. I don’t have an answer, and I don’t think there needs to be one.

Set your eyes on who you want to BE and how you want to BE. Own it, step up to it. It should be big, and scary. It may be so big that you have no freaking idea how to go about it.

Then ask, what milestones can you come up with to direct your decisions and actions toward this vision? I think being SMART is great at the milestone level when you have already mapped out the projects that support your big vision.

When you are working toward the milestones, be sure to GUT check and make sure you are being who you want to BE, instead of chasing a number or staying safe, thereby losing sight of the big “why” that drove the creation of the milestones in the first place.


My Apologies… if you are feeling more confused…

After writing this post, I realize I really am no goal-setting expert… ha! I could just chuck it and move on so I don’t have to embarrass myself (and risk people unsubscribing) – because I know this article is not as “airtight” as my better ones.

But I decide to hit “publish” anyway because I do feel that some goal-setting activities are somehow limiting our perspectives, creativity and how we access our fullest potential, so at least, I am putting it out there to plant a seed of possibilities in you.

How are you going to keep your eye on the prize for 2015? Leave a comment and share your thoughts here.

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Dec 17th

Is Your Business Throwing a Tantrum?

By ling wong

Last weekend we took the munchkins to visit family in New York City. I am still recovering from spending 10+ hours on a plane with a 2yo and a 5yo.

Here is the challenge with dragging around town a 5yo and a 2yo (who insisted on walking and refused to get into a stroller) and herding a clan of family-in-law (who are not the easiest people to say the least) – we had to stop and wait for someone to do something every 15 minutes!

For the 3.5 hours we were uptown, I was outside in the wind and cold for the full duration and spent half of that time standing on the street waiting for someone or another to get their needs fulfilled (Bathroom (x5)! Pretzel! Coffee! Ice staking! FAO Schwartz!) – without food or water.

I froze my ass off, and I resented it. My body gave in. I had a meltdown as I cried, hyperventilated and shook uncontrollably in front of the Apply Store. Yes, in public, on a crowded plaza, curled up into a ball.

The moment we got back to the hotel, I put up the “f*ck-off” sign and spent 20 minutes under a hot shower – it took that long for me to thaw and stop shaking.

The next day, I opted out of the family circus and did two yoga classes with a teacher I used to follow, and so glad I did.

The Universe doesn’t do coincidence – she went deep, dark into the hips and the poses pushed me over the edge, as I have been working through “sadness.” I tapped into the deepest silence there is, so I could listen. (I haven’t come out of the other end yet.)

I said stop when I felt resentment kicked in. I checked in to see what I wanted. I asked what I needed to do to get me back on track – physically, mentally, and emotionally. I listened and followed *my* instructions – even if it means I don’t appear “nice”, “friendly”, or “get-along.”


Are Your Violating Your Business’ Boundaries?

Our business, however, may not be that lucky. It can’t tell you doesn’t want to go along with you for the ride. It can’t scream at you for not being sensitive to its needs.

We put all these demands on our businesses – make money, live my lifestyle, make me famous, give me expert status, increase my visibility, find me followers… do this, do that, run around, jump, shovel the snow…

Hey business, can you be like all these other businesses – have this many clients, a list of that many people, go please everybody and do that JV thing, launch 5 programs a year, have this passive income bit to make money while I sleep, get me on stage, publish a book, do a podcast and send me on vacation 3 months a year? A glass of wine while you are at it.

Poor business, it can’t say to you – “Hey, that’s not what I want!” “ That is not my fullest expression!” “This may look good on paper but it’s not a reflection of our Truth.”

I know, it sounds a bit schizo… but humor me…

If your business were a person, would she be resentful if you just go ahead and do a bunch of things to/for/about her without first asking – hey, is that cool with you?

Do you often get into the do-do-do mode, stuck in the comparison trap and trapped by the bright shiny object syndrome?

Do you impose your ego and other people’s “should’s” on your businesswithout first checking in to see what is really going to serve the big picture? What would your business say if you run your decision by her first?

A business birthed out of your passion, vision, and conviction has a life of its own. It is sacred. It is bigger than your ego. It has a purpose and in a way, you are the steward of this bigger picture.

Don’t let your ego violate the boundary of this precious place. Defend it.

Your business cannot speak for itself – but you can listen intently and respectfully. It does not throw a tantrum like a 2yo, but it will tell you when things are off – perhaps even more loudly.

Usually when things stall, when you stop feeling inspired, when you are stuck, when you spin you wheels, when you feel like you are doing a j.o.b., when you lose the FIRE you once had – you are not listening.

Misalignment between the business’ vision & purpose and the outward expression of actions creates a fracture through which time, money and energy leak. (Money leak also means money not coming in.)

Unfortunately, very often, our solution is doing more, pushing through it, googling for the magic bullet that promise to fix all your ailments. (Hey, take this pill to get rid of your lower back pain fast but it may cause projectile vomital or irreversible comatose. Hmm, no thanks, I will do some Pilates.)

More often than not, these frantic actions get you to look further and further away from your own resourcefulness and knowingness, widening the gap of the misalignment.

Only if we put our ego’s fears and insecurity aside, and just listen. shhhhhhshut the hell up and just listen.

Feel the resentment caused by following the “should’s” or the need to please everyone at the expense of our boundary, kicks in. Check in to see what it wants. Ask what you need to do to get it back on track and reignite the FIRE – physically (your actions), mentally (your focus and identity), and emotionally (your mindset).

Listened and follow the instructions – the answer may surprise you.

If you “get” something you think is “crazy” because it’s “not done that way” – don’t dismiss it. If it’s not something someone else planted in your head from the external world, something somewhere deep within YOU is sending you a message.

Wouldn’t life be so tiring if we have to look for external validation for every single thing we do?

You may have to go deep and dark so you can stop looking around and start listening. Tap into the energy of the winter solstice, don’t be afraid to go there – it is part of you and it won’t bite.

The dark, heavy energy that comes with this introspection may be harder to swallow as it is not pleasurable as “love and light” but it is not a bad thing – it is part of the complete human experience.

When it is pitch black, you don’t see “obstacles” in the form of preconceptions, limiting beliefs and conclusions – you are left with a vast field of possibilities.

BE That Space.

And trust that the possibilities will give you the light to come out of the darkness.

The first time you go there, it will be scary. The next time, you know what to expect. The fifth time, you know how to navigate.

It’s just like yoga. After the first side, you know what to expect on the second side. As you practice more, you go deeper and open up more – even though it may still hurt, or still trigger things in us, it’s not “scary” anymore because you know how to navigate the experience, you know when to push and when to back off.

Plug your nose, let’s take a dive.

How are you going to make space and listen to your business today? Leave a comment below and let’s share:

Dec 6th

Go Ahead, Procrastinate, So You Can Be More Productive

By ling wong

Guilt – is what kicks in when most of us stop doing and start listening. Because we are not “producing” according to other people’s definition.

We are told to do, do, do. “Take action!” “Just Do It!” “Get off your ass!” If you are not taking action, you are procrastinating. You are a loser. You judge yourself, before anyone steps in to judge you.

We are in a society where we fear missing out. We need to do, do, do so we have something to show for – doesn’t matter what that is. We don’t feel we can rest until the to-do list has been checked off.

But the do, do, do mentality can send us down the rabbit hole of busy work. It can become the hamster wheel we unknowingly enslave ourselves to.

Have you had the experience of going down the route of doing something because “everyone else is doing it” and only to find out, 6 months down the rabbit hole, that it’s not taking you the direction you want to go? I have.


It’s not just me. I have seen this over and over again with my clients:

When I first started coaching clients, I put a lot of emphasis on “taking action.” Until I realized if I pushed my clients to do stuff without a solid foundation of clarity and conviction, they don’t get anything meaningful done… if they could get off their duff at all.

Despite the “appearance” that they are spending a couple of weeks upfront to look inward and not making “outward” progress, now I insist my clients to go through the dig deep/exploration/face the Truth process because at the end, they become committed to the direction they choose, they are guided by their big Why and they won’t go down the rabbit hole only to realize they are on the wrong path 6 months later.

What amazes me is, when my clients take the time and give themselves the space to find their clarity, nail their message, claim their superpowers and get their mindset on board, their progress become much faster than just muscling through a to-do list.

Rick had his big vision stewing in his head for two years when he started working with me. The first thing we did was to get clear on his message and vision – it wasn’t all smooth sailing and it took us quite a few weeks. But after the clarity clicked, BAM! 12 weeks into our coaching he had his signature program designed and a website launched! (You can read his story here.)

Kristie came to me wanting to change her business model from per-session to programs and packages. She knew intellectually what to do but she was stuck – despite her go-getter personality, she couldn’t seem to make the transition. We spent a few weeks to help her get clear on her big Why, work through her fears and upgrade her mindset. It took us 6 weeks of “stillness” to get things sorted… but once we had the clarity and mindset bit figured out, she signed 9 clients in 3 weeks to her new packages! (You can read her experience here.)

When I first talked to Dana, she had a little success running some detox programs but was not feeling fulfilled because deep down, she had a bigger message to share. She was losing her fire and with that, motivation and conviction. We helped her get clear on her message, find her voice and claim her identity, so she can be all of her in her business. (You can read her story here.)

Puja came to me with a big (but somewhat vague) vision and she was starting from scratch. We helped her put a stake in the ground, get clear on her Who and Why, claim her superpowers and tailored strategies according to her money personality and strengths. Guess what happened? 6 sessions in she scored a speaking opportunity to present in front of UN staff – she didn’t even have a website yet!! (Yes, UN, as in the United Nations.)


Most importantly, I know this clarity and stillness thing works because I have experienced it first hand.

Because I am guilty as charged with the whole do, do, do habit.

All my life, I had graded myself by how much I “get done” – I focused on the outward “achievements” that made me feel good for a while but soon I needed another shot of adrenaline as the previous round faded away.
Until I mustered up the GUTS to stop and really listen.

Sometimes, what others may see as “procrastination” is very good for business.

The inaction creates a space for clarity to flow through. You can’t possibly hear your true inner voice if you are busy listening to other people telling you some 7 easy steps to xyz. You can’t possibly find your true identity if you allow others to tie you down with their beliefs and perceptions of who/what you are supposed to be or to do.

That was what I did when I overhauled my business. Enough was enough and the doing got old. Misalignment turned from a hairline fracture to a deep trench. The doing was tearing me away from ME, taking me deeper down the rabbit hole.

Cut the cords, conjure the dome of silence, and float in the bubble.

I stopped producing. I gave myself permission to not chase that “monthly number” for a while. I cut the cords, let go of identities, ignored expectations. Be still, be quiet, listen, wait, breathe.

It was hard, the hardest fucking thing I have ever done. Harder than pulling all-nighters in Harvard, harder than juggling million-dollar website projects in cutthroat New York City ad agencies.

Clarity was the reward. Finally, I am able to step up to own a conviction and claim a visionThis was too scary for me in the past – every time I got close I numbed myself out with busy work so I didn’t have to face the truth, and the fear and resistance that come with it.

I put a stop on busy work, and forced myself to face the Truth, to face what is truly important, what really matters.

Even though I released control of the process, it didn’t mean I was not making progress. The stillness of the inner work was deceptive. It took every single ounce out of me to get the clarity and the conviction that form a new solid foundation.

I faced my fears everyday, and it took everything to fight the fear of lack so I don’t jump into hasty actions that do not align with my deepest value.

Holding a big vision and releasing control of the process freed up space to allow intuition and creativity to flow through. It may sound air-headed: I just did what was in front of me, and did what felt right. (Not what the logical mind *thought* to be right but what the Guts said was right – even if it was scary and I had to push myself through it.)

I wrote. I wrote, and I wrote. Being totally vulnerable so I could get it all sorted on the page. Then I hit “publish” to declare it to the world.

One particularly “raw” and honest post in which I shared the good, bad and ugly brought in $4,000.

In the months that followed, I was invited to guest post in a few blogs with a good-sized audience. I was invited to be interviewed in several podcasts and telesummits. I attracted clients who pay the money, appreciate my superpowers and do the work. I feel more at peace and aligned when I sit down to work.

When I stopped “producing” for the sake of producing out of fear and conformity, I became more productive.


Here is what I have learned about making progress while floating in the process:

  • Let go of the need for certainty and consistency so you can be open to new possibilities and see opportunities that were not apparent before. That means understanding and overcoming the Fear of Change when we are tempted to revert back to the tried-and-true.
  • After you have committed to a big vision and find your conviction, let go of the stubbornness around one specific outcome/manifestation. Let go of the How, and focus on the Why – the How can suck you back into busy work.
  • Follow you guts, do what’s in front of you and what will bring you more aligned with your mission, vision and conviction – hold onto them for dear life.
  • You will be tempted and get sucked back into busy work. More likely than not, it’s the Fear of Missing Out and/or the Fear of Being Criticized kicking in. Recognize it, and follow this quick process to work with it.
  • Show up and Trust (yep, easier said than done)

When you nail your big Why, your message and your conviction, you will know. You will have that deep sense of Trust and peace because it is totally, completely in alignment with YOU.

I am not saying sit on your bum bum and hoping things will fall on your lap. You do have to do the work. But act from a place of your truth, of inspiration, not from fears and conformity. And you will be seeing results and revenue along the way – like breadcrumbs telling you that you are on the right path.

As we listen, we can draw the fine line between stillness and action so we can create meaningfully and intentionally.

What is the first step? Nail your message, claim your superpower and muster up the GUTS to monetize your TruthLet me help.

Nov 25th

Secrets To Selling Premium Packages

By ling wong

We have been told time and again to raise our fees, sell programs (instead of single sessions), and create premium packages. Sounds good in theory and we may have even taken courses and trainings to learn the “how.”

Now, let me ask you – how much are your clients actually paying you? Do you consider the amount you are paid “premium”? (hmm, can you take just one or two new clients a month to pay the bills and more?)

Maybe you have a premium package sitting on your website somewhere, but you have never get paid a “premium” fee; or you revert back to selling the “old” lower-cost packages when the rubber meets the road, i.e. during your sales conversation, because fears and doubts creep in and you chicken out.

Where does the disconnect happen – if you (intellectually) know selling a premium package is better for your business, and you also have the knowledge to create the package?

YOU, hold the answer. It’s all in your head.

Everything can sound good on paper, until it comes time to ask for the money.

There are a lot of fears, pre/misconceptions and judgments around “selling”, self-worth and value. Until you bust through those crap, you will never feel completely comfortable during a sales conversation. Your comfort level in asking to get paid is proportional to how much you ultimately get paid.


Nobody likes being pushed into buying, and we may perceive people selling to be “bad” because some salesperson gave us bad experience. If you had bad experience with sales people, it is easy to equate selling as “dishonest” and who wants to be perceived as such? Of course you don’t want to, so you hold back from selling.

Plus, there are many unfavorable images we have with people doing selling – e.g. the used car salesman, the late-night informercial dude, even that pushy MLM friend who won’t let you off the hook until you reluctantly sign up for shit that you don’t want.

What if I tell you, selling = serving? What if you can serve your people while you sell them your services? Educational marketing is a great example. You give people information and provide value to raise awareness about a problem. When they understand the problem they have actually has a solution and you, standing right there, provides that service – they will want to seek you out without you pushing your wares.

When I conduct my discovery sessions, I give my potential clients so many lightbulb moments that even if they decide it’s not the right time to work with me, they walk away with value. I would not let them walk away empty-handed because they are willing to spend an hour with me and I respect their time.

I sign a lot more clients after I changed my approach from constantly worrying about “what can I say or ask to get them to buy my stuff?” to “what questions can I ask to help this person see a solution to her challenges?” This change in attitude can give the energy behind sales conversations a major overhaul.

How can you lead your potential clients into exploring working with you by serving them?


What kind of selling works? Genuine selling. The kind that you don’t hide behind scripts and templates. The kind that you put yourself forward and connect with your potential clients. But our fears are making us hide… instead of making the connection so critical to getting “yes” from potential clients.

The Fear of Not Being Good Enough can make you feel that you, being yourself, are not enough. It makes you feel there gotta be a script that holds the key to the perfect sales conversation. Maybe you fear that you don’t know enough so you keep babbling on about what you know and where you were trained… completely negating the potential client (who just wants to be heard and be given a damn solution!)

Don’t forget that little voice in your head that keeps saying “who are you to ask for that much money?”

The Fear of Not Being Worthy can cause you to confuse “self-worth” to what people are paying you for – i.e. our services that will give them results. When you don’t feel worthy of being paid, guess what… you don’t get paid!

The Fear of Lack can make you discount or settle for the client purchasing a smaller package even though you know she needs something more extensive because you don’t want to end up with nothing! By settling for less, at least you get the client to pay you something… (note how this makes you come from a place of lack, and not that of service)

The Fear of Being Vulnerable can get you to puff up as a protective mechanism, setting up a wall that prevents you from deeply connecting with your potential clients (people buy high-ticket items with emotions, you need to make that connection). Or, maybe you are afraid of being criticized so you hide from having conversations with people (who matter to your big vision). If you hide, they can’t find you!

The Fear of Rejection can make you not ask for more money under the misconception that you will get more “no’s” if your price is higher. If you have this fear, the problem is not the price, the problem is you not having figured out how to communicate the value you deliver.

Can you recognize when you fears kick in during your sales conversations?

Boundary and Codependency

In this article, I explored money boundary and codependency extensively. Here is the highlight:

  • If you are undercharging and not asking for a “premium price,” you may feel that you need to give everyone access to your service and you have the limiting belief or misconception that you can “help more people” by charging less. (You are trying to give everyone your stuff whether they want it or not – and this, is a violation of the other person’s boundary.)
  • If you are over-delivering (e.g. going overtime or providing “out of scope” deliverables without being compensated, writing pages after pages of support emails, “throwing in” extras), essentially giving “premium” services without being compensated for it, you may feel responsible for your clients’ results even though they need to do the work to succeed. Because you feel responsible, you would bend over backwards – compromising your own boundaries in order to “help” that person with the misconception that somehow, you can do the work for your client (Remote kale-eating, anyone?) (By the way, the client may or may not want to be helped, so in a way, you are violating that her personal choice.)
  • If you have been constantly discounting, you may be buying into the client’s money stories and somehow made felt responsible that your fee will turn into the cause of her distress so you discount to make yourself feel better. (By the way, you have no rights to decided for the other person what she can or cannot afford… it’s her priority and her decisions to make.)
  • If you have been giving away services for free – STOP! This is martyr mentality stemming from a fear of not being worthy (therefore you are trying to prove to yourself that you are) and can turn into victimhood that kicks you off the driver’s seat altogether.

When your boundary is overstepped, it is you who allows that to happen.

If it’s your boundary crime to commit, can you recognize your triggers and “rehearse” what you can do or say in those situations?

Self-Worth vs the Value of Your Program

I have a bone with the phrase “charge what you are worth” – read this post to see what it’s about.

If you can separate your self-worth from the value you deliver through your program, then the question “how can my time be worth that much” will not even enter the equation. Focus on the value your clients get out of your program or service package, not how much time you spend on the phone with them.

If they get a more out of your service than what they pay you, then offering them your package is doing them a service. The key, again, is to communicate effectively so they understand the value of what you are offering, and the impact it has on their lives.

Write down how your work impact your clients in the areas of health, career, finance, relationship and personal growth. Then put a monetary value (if possible) against each item. Now, add it all up and see for yourself how much value you deliver. Can you charge more?


Selling, and selling high-ticket items, is not scary. You can sell more with integrity by having the right mindset and perspective, overcoming your fears, strengthening your boundaries, and properly communicating the value of your offer.

Ready for a dig deep mindset overhaul so you can open up more possibilities for your biz? Get your fix.

Nov 20th

What If You Could Have More Right Now?

By Elizabeth Nicholls
What If You Could Have More Right Now?
Are You Looking For More?
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Quanta has GREAT programs for:

  • Coaches that want something extra to share with clients
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