Apr 11th

Key to Being Efficient in Business

By ling wong

I have worked with many clients to build their coaching, consulting or service-based businesses.

Some of them still have a full-time job and can only work on their businesses in evenings and weekends.

Some of them have small children at home (like myself) and try to build a business between poopie diapers, Happy Feet and music class.

Many of them wear many hats: business owners, mothers, wives, friends and daughters.

They can rarely have a full day to themselves to work on their businesses and often get sidetracked when responsibility calls – even if they have intentionally blocked out time to focus on their businesses.

Being efficient and effective when working in and on their business is paramount… but how?

Productivity hacks? Nope.
Time management apps? Nope.
Hiring and delegation? Nope.

The core of being efficient and effective in your business starts with YOU.

Your strength, your superpowers.

Being efficient and effective is not about having a cookie-cutter blueprint or a me-too tactic. You need the right strategies and customized plan to give you the biggest bang for you time- and energy-bucks.

The best way to make your business run efficiently is to tap into your strength, and design structures and systems to maximize the income-producing potential of your strong suits.

I had a client who is a very good “Connector” (aka “people person”) and almost every time she walks into a venue, she comes out with a speaking gig.

Instead of just thinking “that’s the way I do things” and leave it at that, we implemented a system for her to make connecting with people and following up part of her regular business and marketing activities so she can get the most mileage our of her time and effort.

Upgrade Your Money Mindset Course

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It is easy to talk a good game about tapping into our strength and being in the flow. But putting it into practice can take some mindset muscle.

Growing up, many of us were conditioned to be “humble” or not to show off our strengths (especially for women.) A lot of times, we discount ourselves thinking the things that come so naturally to us is not valuable, is “just how things are done.”

As a result, we are not deploying our genius in a way that will make our lives so much easier, at the same time generate more income.

Here is how to make your business more efficient and effective by tapping into your strength:

1. Find It

Of course, the first step is to identify your strengths. To acknowledge the abilities that you take for granted probably don’t come naturally to other people.

There are many tests and assessments to help you take this first step. The key is to translate your results into a business model and some smart strategies to support it.

I like to keep it simple – knowing a few of your top strengths can help you find your special blend of awesomeness and devise a unique positioning that will make you stand out in the marketplace. But too many of them can steer your focus away from your core strengths and make your message too confusing.

I help my clients find their unique Money Personality and base on their top three Money Archetypes, we hone in on a business model and strategies that play to their strengths so they are not constantly swimming upstream.

2. Claim It

After you find your strengths, it’s time to claim it because they are not doing you any good if it’s just shared between you and your cat.

“Claiming the hell out of it” is way more than a marketing tactic just to toot your own horn.The process also strengthens your mindset so you can step up and be confident in selling what you offer. 

For most of us, we were raised to be “humble” and this preconditioning is sabotaging our success because we are afraid to talk about (let alone sell) our strengths.

The Fear of Not Being Good Enough and the Fear of Being Criticized can also barge in to hold you back from stepping up and claim your genius.

3. Articulate it

We are talking about business and to make a venture a business it has to make money, which means you need sell something.

To sell something means you have to be able to tell your potential clients why your products or services are valuable to them – why YOUR unique blend of strengths and superpowers is relevant to helping them solve their burning issues.

The process of articulating your strengths can also help you gain more clarity. When you have to “find your voice” to tell your story – you need to get clear on who you want to BE in your business, and who you want to be for your peeps. This clarity can become the guiding light for your long-term success.

4. Build Around It

After defining your strengths, it’s time to make sure your business is structured to highlight and utilize every ounce of it.

You can also create systems so the business and marketing activities that play to your strengths are put on autopilot as much as possible.

I have mapped out how each Money Archetype’s strength can be translated into a way of structuring your business in this Upgrade Your Money Mindset course.

For instance, a Romantic is great at selling so her best bet is to funnel all her leads as quickly as possible into sales conversations. Or, a Connector is awesome with, well, connecting with others so developing partnerships and joint venture opportunities would play to her strength.

5. Sell It

A product or service sitting on the shelf won’t do you any good, and you can’t really call your business “efficient and effective” if it’s not making money!

That means you have to get comfortable with SELLING. For most coaches, consultants and service professionals, that means having sales conversations with potential clients.

You can take all the world’s sales trainings and have a dozen “scripts” collecting dust on your hard drive, but if you don’t have the right mindset behind your conversation, your results are going to be patchy as best.

Having the right mindset means you are empowered in your conversation, and you have healthy boundaries around money so you are not undercharging, over-delivering, constantly discounting or (god forbid!) giving services away for free.

This Upgrade Your Money Mindset to Align Your Inner Strength and Purpose with Your Financial Abundance course includes exercises and powerful coaching questions to help you empower your voice and strengthen your boundaries…

All clients have their ‪money stories, but ultimately, it’s OUR own money stories and projection that are holding us back. Imagine you can state the price of your high-end package with no charge, just like you are saying “give me 10 carrots so I can make you a stew!”

The confidence and ease you have in stating your price is proportional to how well you can sell.

6. Chuck It

As in, your weakness.

Stop beating yourself up for “not measuring up” in those areas. Stop fearing that you are “not good enough” because you are not “well-rounded”. Stop feeling you have to do everything everyone tells you, and excel in every single one.

Stop spending time, energy and money to make your weakness “better.” It will be mediocre at best and mediocre is not where the big bucks lie.

If something is not your natural strength, you can outsource it. You can find a partner with complimentary talents. You can structure your business so you spend minimal time in those areas.

But it doesn’t mean you look the other way. Knowing your challenges can help you set up systems and routine to mitigate those weak points.

For example, for my clients who score high as “Alchemist”, “Connector” or “Romantic” in their Money Archetype assessment, I often encourage them to create systems and set up “money dates” to help them effectively manage their finances and minimize the “pains” of overdue bills or the “shock” of “unexpected” recurring expenses.


If you are ready to leverage your strength in your business, empower your voice in any money conversations, and strengthen your money boundary so you can be more effective and efficient in your business, grab your access to the Upgrade Your Money Mindset to Align Your Inner Strength and Purpose with Your Financial Abundance course here.

Special discount for my peeps! Use coupon code FriendsofLings at checkout to score the course for just $10!


About the Author

May 2014 - polaroidThrough her unique blend of Business + Marketing coaching with a Mindset + Psychic Twist, Ling Wong helps Maverick Entrepreneurs nail their message, claim their superpowers and muster up the GUTS to monetize their Truth so they can build a purposeful and profitable Personality-Driven business that is a full expression of their creativity and individuality.

Ling helps her clients claim their entrepreneurial identity and architect their personal brand story, then translate them into offerings and marketing communication that sell through her intuitive yet rigorous iterative process born out of her Harvard Design School training and 10 years experience in online marketing industry.

Find Ling and download her free “Monetize Your Truth” Mindset + Marketing training bundle here.

Apr 2nd

"You are NOT Special!" - and It's Good for Marketing

By ling wong

I am a huge fan of claiming our superpowers and marketing our uniqueness as individuals, so we can fully express our value and passion in our business, while standing out from competition.

However, there is ONE thing about us not being totally “unique” can work in favor of our marketing.

And that is, we are human beings marketing to other human beings who share the same underlying psychological triggers and drivers. (Even if you service pets, it’s a human that is paying you.)

What about that? That means if you can tap into your own experience, emotions and stories, and make them transcend into universal experiences or emotions, your marketing communication can speak to your ideal clients in a deep resonating way that makes them want to work with you.

Your emotions, frustrations, intrinsics drives, or deep desires are human nature shared by your ideal clients. Your life experience, no matter how unique it is, reflects human conditions shared by all.

Using shared human conditions and emotions can move and motivate people into action – in a way that inspires commitment (because they are not “strong-armed” into buying by some scarcity tactics) – and commitment leads to results, happy clients and referral (aka good for business!)

Going into such deep places can trigger a lot of “stuff” that can sabotage your effort. Here are a couple of mindset shifts to support you to step up:

Mindset Shift #1 :: How You Think About Marketing

To make this approach work, you need to stop thinking marketing as something alien, or a “necessary evil.”

Marketing at its most authentic form is honest and transparent. It is a way for our individual value, vision, passion and expression to come through in all of our communications – fully and unapologetically.

It is a way for us to get clear on who we are, because unless we have clarity about what we stand for, we cannot amp it up to create effective marketing communications. (If you are confused, your marketing will amp up the confusion.)

Mindset Shift #2 :: Own Your Vulnerability

Embracing your vulnerability allows you dig into all your life experiences, emotions and stories to find the gem that will hit the bull’s eye for your ideal clients. This is where real connection and fruitful relationships begins.

You cannot be authentic, transparent and honest if you hold back, play small, or puff up because of the fear of being vulnerable.

But it doesn’t mean you have to dole out everything and the kitchen sink! In fact, if you tell your entire life story without considering what you are trying to communicate or how you are going to inspire action, you are just babbling.

Owning your vulnerability means you are in a position to look at all your experience and stories from a neutral perspective – because you are not trying to conceal – so you can select the ones that strike a cord with your ideal clients, and tell the stories or experiences from your audience’s perspective, in a way that is relevant to them and inspires action, so they can relate and connect with you.

Over coming your fears can go a long way to help you step up and be honest and transparent in your marketing to make genuine and fruitful connections – here is how.

What is YOUR story? How are you going to use it to relate to your ideal clients? Leave a comment and share your thoughts below:

About the Author

May 2014 - polaroidThrough her unique blend of Business + Marketing coaching with a Mindset + Psychic Twist, Ling Wong helps Maverick Entrepreneurs nail their message, claim their superpowers and muster up the GUTS to monetize their Truth so they can build a purposeful and profitable Personality-Driven business that is a full expression of their creativity and individuality.

Ling helps her clients claim their entrepreneurial identity and architect their personal brand story, then translate them into offerings and marketing communication that sell through her intuitive yet rigorous iterative process born out of her Harvard Design School training.

Find Ling and download her free “Monetize Your Truth” Mindset + Marketing training bundle here.

Mar 26th

The Predicament of Entrepreneurial Boredom

By ling wong

There is Nothing Wrong with You, Except...


{ BTW#1: it’s a pretty epic post so get comfy. BTW#2: you would want to read till the end, because I am offering a free sesh for those ready to make it “right”, their way. }

Yeah, I know, if you are anything like me, you are screaming, “That’s not me!”

You have this list to build, that website to upgrade and those programs to launch. Oh, and the kids to chase.

You don’t even have a moment to pop a zit, let alone sitting around toiling your thumbs wondering what to do or hmmm, feeling bored.

But what if, all the things that are keeping you busy are the source of your boredom?

Entrepreneurial Boredom may not look like inaction, or stuffing your face with Doritos. But deep down, something feels OFF…

Entrepreneurial Boredom 1

You may be suffering from Entrepreneurial Boredom if:

  • You are overwhelmed by the never-ending to-do list that keeps growing because everything seems important but nothing feels “right on” so you got stuck in limbo
  • You drag your ass to the computer, punch the clock and wonder where that FIRE has gone as you go through the motion (as you tell yourself, someone has to pay the bills, sigh)
  • You chase your tail on the hamster wheel and spend a load of dough on bright shiny objects under the illusion that some $297 program will give you the magic bullet… but 90% of the time, you didn’t get the results “as advertised”, thought there was something wrong with you, and felt even more confused
  • In fact, you have done enough programs and trainings that for most tactics and strategies you would say, “tell me something I don’t know.” But all the pieces justaren’t falling in place to make sense for YOUR business
  • You get patchy results, and you wonder what went wrong because you have done everything “by the book” but half the time, still fall flat on your face. You experienced some “wins” but the elation is short-lived and you are back to feeling that weight on your shoulder soon after
  • You fall into the comparison trap and get jealous of the results others get (being on stage, having a big list, making multiple 6-fig, publishing a book) – maybe in one breath you would say you don’t care about that kind of thing, and before the next inhale, you turn green – the conflict between the feeling inside and what you are telling yourself is tearing you up
  • You are impatient with people around you, express discontent about your situation, and do that “grass is always greener where you are not” thing (and you know those thoughts are not good for attracting what you want… so you beat yourself up for thinking them!)– because you don’t trust that you are on the right path… or maybe you lack a functioning internal guiding system so all paths look pretty much the same
  • You are future-tripping (it is different from solid planning) or hanging out in theland of coulda-shoulda (you don’t trust that your current action is leading you to where you want to be) instead of being fully and unapologetically in your biz at the current moment, because you are constantly doubting if you are on the right track

Here is the kicker…

The more you sense “something is off”, the more you push to get more “stuff” done hoping to make yourself feel better, and the more “off” things become…

… but you are too afraid to let go of what you know or what has been (sort of) working to really ask – what does FUN in my business looks like? How do I want to BE in my business?

… because you are afraid that the answer will require you to jump off the cliff; because once you realize the Truth, you cannot undo your awareness but your logical brain is screaming, “I don’t want to handle that!!”

In a way, your innate mechanism wants to protect you by staying “congruent” in your actions – even if it’s not being congruent with your Truth – is preventing you from seeing your own predicament.


Let’s go back to the beginning…

There is a reason we became entrepreneurs. We value our individuality, unique ideas and vision enough to walk out of cubicle-existence (+ the illusion of “stability”) to blaze our own trail.

We want to be seen, heard, and express our core essence. Seen and heard – be it a small following or a large audience – whatever floats your boat.

Bottom line: we need* to be acknowledged for being more than a faceless cog in a giant machine. (*Not the vanity kind of “need” but a deep human desire to matter.)

We said “no” to the box, but often times,
we unknowingly walk from one box into another.

When we started our entrepreneurial journey, we soaked up all the information and knowledge on how to build a business like a sponge (Bob).

We were given, with good intention, blueprints, systems, tactic and strategies (plus the preconception that come with them) to follow and implement.

We colored inside the line, learned the ropes, built something decent and even attained some success to prove that, well, it’s not a fluke.

But at some point, the tried-and-true handed down from others ceased to be true for us. The excitement of “learning” the craft in a paint-by-number capacity lost its thrill. “Getting results” turned from achievement to “oh yeah, that’s just how it works.”

There is a yearning for more… for something deeper, truer, more permanent… a little inking whispering in your ear, a voice you cannot ignore.

The systems we have been following have turned into a hamster wheel. What worked before has now turned into a trap.


You haven’t done anything wrong…

You have to go through what you have gone through, to learn the craft and basics of building a business so instead of expending your attention in the nuts-and-bolts, you can now listen to that inkling whisper…

…stirring up the desire in you to find YOUR voice and express it undiluted and unapologetically through your business.

What Causes Entrepreneurial Boredom?

The day-in-day-out, the routine determined by other people’s systems, blueprints, tactics, strategies and preconceptions no longer work – because they are not in alignment with that inkling, aka your Truth, aka the way YOU roll.

Even if that inkling is so tiny that you can’t put your finger on it, let alone verbalize it. But once you are aware of its presence, there is no turning back.

Entrepreneurial Boredom comes from that deeper place in YOU (belly, solar plexus, heart… you can’t think your way into or out of it) when your actions are not in alignment with that deep yearning of your soul/inner voice/higher self.

It happens when you are running around chasing stuff/stats/status etc. (aka success as defined by others) that does not allow you to BE YOU in your business. It happens when that powerful little inkling cannot find its expression through your work.

Entrepreneurial Boredom happens when you bottle up your individuality, conviction and superpowers in the hope that you can fit in and look “right.”

It happens when the act of creating meaning with intentionality from deep within you gives way to the mind chatter, fears, preconceptions and past conditionings floating around in your head.

It happens when you are not doing that thing you KNOW you need to do to achieve your desire because you are denying your deepest longing – your monkey mind and your fears tempted you to look away and divert your attention with some bright shiny objects…

It is that nudge, or beep beep sound, before the 2×4 hits.

(It can be very scary to realize that our actions are holding us back from living our own truth, and as human we fear change so following the “how-to” “blueprints and systems” is easier than blazing our own trail.)


Simple Cure For a Seemingly Complex Problem…

Even though there can be a long list for how entrepreneurial boredom can look like (see above), the root cause is simple.

You are burning calories on the hamster wheel thinking you are being productive while your soul is toiling its thumb and stuffing its face with Doritos watching some housewife reruns… wondering when (if ever) it can actually get to work and do that impactful thing you are meant to do.

The feeling that “something is off” is your “guts/inner guidance/higher self” telling you that it is sitting on its ass as its true expression is being stifled.

That’s why you are running on the treadmill and not losing a pound… because on the other side a very important part of you is stuffing its face with Doritos.

How can you expect consistent results when different parts of you are doing different things and sending out mixed messages?

Ok, the simple cure…

Find out what that little inkling is whispering to you, formulate it into YOUR very own maverick entrepreneurial identity and personal brand story, then step up and own the hell out of it!

Of course, you have to let the world know about it, which means you also have toEXPRESS it through your offerings and marketing communication – after all it’s a business we are talking about, and it has to make money for ya.

When the ALIGNMENT happens, when your clarity, message, offering, communication all stem from your Truth – your soul will have a clear channel to express itself to the world.

When your soul is no longer toiling its thumb in the background, all the symptoms of Entrepreneurial Boredom (aka, the long list above) goes POOF!


Are You Ready to Say Buh-Bye to YOUR Entrepreneurial Boredom?

I know, finding that little whisper of an inkling can be difficult. It can be an elusive little thing. And if it were easy you would have heard it already.

For some people, if they have the gumption, they can journal till they turn blue then journal some more to get to the bottom of it – but frankly, it takes a LOT of guts because you have to be unabashedly/brutally honest with yourself and not many people can pull that off.

(How do I know? I have been there. I worked with 3 coaches to “beat” that little inkling out of me. I had to face fears and mindset shit that I have been hiding from my whole life.

It hurt – deep at the core level. For 9 months, I found myself curled up into a ball trying to work through all the emotions that come up… at least twice a week. Those are emotions that cannot be labeled or described because they didn’t come from the mind.

For a Type-A-Brainiac this can be the hardest thing to swallow – you mean I can’t label, intellectualize and think my way out of this? WTF.)

That’s where I come in and I want to help YOU (for free)

My clients are not self-development newbies, but they struggle with this piece. I get to make them say “Busted!” all the time.

I have the superpower to take everything a client throw at me, find the gem and reflect it back in a way that totally resonates at a deep “hell yeah!” level.

My clients often tell me I say it much better than they do – in a way that sells.

Plus, I point out the mindset gunk that is stopping them from owning the hell out of it. Straight up – I don’t beat around the bushes.

Best part? It only involves getting on the phone with me… no 3-hour questionnaires, no journaling till you turn blue. Easy Peasy.

Would you DARE to spend 45 minutes with me and SEE that Truth in YOU?

I have stopped doing “complimentary strategy sessions” a while back (for real, see the bottom of this page) – today, I am opening up 5 spots to a complimentary session, in which we will turn that inkling into meaningful business direction you can run with – a direction your whole SELF will be on board with.

Which means, we will put an end to the symptoms of Entrepreneurial Boredom for you, on your own terms.

To apply for your session, send your answers to these questions before Friday April 3 by emailing ling [at] business-soulwork [dot] com:

  • Where are you at in your business?
  • Where do you want to be? (It’s ok to say “I don’t know”)
  • What frustrates you most right now? What is holding you back?
  • How badly is your Entrepreneurial Boredom affecting you and your biz?
  • Why do you want to talk to me?

Recap – normally you have to pay at least $197 to get me on the phone for such in depth conversation. Apply before Friday April 3 and you have the opportunity to score it for FREE.

I can’t wait to talk to you!


About the Author

May 2014 - polaroidThrough her unique blend of Business + Marketing coaching with a Mindset + Psychic Twist, Ling Wong helps Maverick Entrepreneurs nail their message, claim their superpowers and muster up the GUTS to monetize their Truth so they can build a purposeful and profitable Personality-Driven business that is a full expression of their creativity and individuality.

Ling helps her clients claim their entrepreneurial identity and architect their personal brand story, then translate them into offerings and marketing communication that sell through her intuitive yet rigorous iterative process born out of her Harvard Design School training.

Find Ling and download her free “Monetize Your Truth” Mindset + Marketing training bundle here.

Mar 18th

How To Get More Clients... Now

By ling wong

A lot of people say they want to get more clients. But more often than not, they are not focusing on the critical components that would give them the fastest path to cash.

The hard truth is, all the “leveraged” and “passive income” talk sounds good on paper but unless you have a clear message and a loyal following (which you get by having a clear message, know where to find your people, and spend the time to build relationship), selling five slots in a $200 program is not going to do a whole lot.

Here is what to do to get clients fast:

1. Who Are You? Who Are They?

Find your voice, nail your message, and define your niche so you can put yourself in front of the right potential clients with the right message that resonates with them and make them feel connected with you.

You have to dig deep to find YOUR message – not me-too wishy-washy but something you can stand by and want to be known for.

Defining your niche means really get to know your ideal clients inside-out. You have to know what their emotional triggers are, and how you can get through to them (i.e. get the attention.) Knowing your niche also means you know where to find your potential clients.


2. Your Confidence

Know how to confidently tell your potential clients “what you do and how you do it” in a way that your ideal clients can understand the value you provide. When I work with my clients, the process of designing their signature system is very powerful.

If you fumble and babble when you tell your potential clients how you deliver results for them, would you expect them to have confidence in you to work with you?

This signature system also directly informs your high-end private program/package, giving you an offer you can sell right away.


3. “Get Paid” Opportunities

Design a profit pyramid/sales funnel to map out various price points through which your clients can engage your work, in formats that tap into your passion and genius. This can maximize the number of clients you get by offering a variety of products and services.

Don’t feel like you have to create two dozen things to offer – that would just confuse your clients (and the confused mind says no!) Plan out a few solid offering – starting from the 1:1 package that you can sell right away – and knock them out one at a time according to your marketing calendar.


4. Sell Like You Mean It

Master your sales conversation to the clients sign on with you. After all, you can do all the marketing and get all the leads, but it you are not closing the deal you are not making money.

The money mindset behind this sales conversation is a very important component – it gives you the confidence, the boundary and the right energetic approach to ace the session.


Want more?

Check out the Monetize Your Truth program to help you nail your message, define your lucrative niche, craft your money-making offer and design your profitable business model in just 4 weeks.

MYTpilot 3 cropped

About the Author

May 2014 - polaroidThrough her unique blend of Business + Marketing coaching with a Mindset + Psychic Twist, Ling Wong helps Maverick Entrepreneurs nail their message, claim their superpowers and muster up the GUTS to monetize their Truth so they can build a purposeful and profitable Personality-Driven business that is a full expression of their creativity and individuality.

Ling helps her clients claim their entrepreneurial identity and architect their personal brand story, then translate them into offerings and marketing communication that sell through her intuitive yet rigorous iterative process born out of her Harvard Design School training.

Find Ling and download her free “Monetize Your Truth” Mindset + Marketing training bundle here.

Mar 17th

3 Ways to Lower Your Unsubscribe Rate

By ling wong

Email marketing has been good to me. Despite all the bright shiny social media objects, it is far from dead and still the best way through which I connect with my peeps, cultivate the “like know & trust” factor and generate a consistent stream of income and clients.

(I regularly receive replies from peeps saying how they love to read my newsletter, which you can subscribe here. I have also been invited to speak in the Email Marketing Panel during the Healthy Business Day at the Take Back Your Health Summit.)

A while back I wrote about how I was taking “unsubscribes” personally, and how I deal with it here.

“Unsub” is par for the course when you step up and say things that actually mean something. I see people unsubscribing as a sign that I am taking a stand and ruffling some feathers.

But it doesn’t mean we have to be a “sitting duck” – there are ways we can lower our unsub rate. After all, you want people to stick around and read your stuff, so you can share your message and nurture your relationships.

Here are 3 reasons behind unsubs, and how you can fix ‘em:

1. Irrelevant Content

Your content is not relevant to those on your list – either you list does not consist of your ideal clients, or your content is not compelling to your target market.

To fix: If your content is speaking to your ideal clients and your message is on point, then those who find your content irrelevant and unsub are not your ideal clients anyway, move on.

There is no reason to hold onto those who are not going to buy from you – they are energetic clogs in your biz and merely a number on your list.

I know a lot of people are afraid of seeing the number of their list go down (fear of lack? Fear of not being liked?), so they hold onto “warm bodies” for dear life, compromising or watering down their message in order to be “inoffensive” so people don’t leave.

Stop holding onto numbers that don’t matter. 
Step up and stand for something to cultivate “numbers” that matter.

If your list does consist of you ideal clients, then it’s time to evaluate your message and make sure you understand what your readers want (aka your superpowers positioned in a way they can relate) and provide relevant and valuable content delivered in a compelling way so they stick around, and actually open and read your stuff.

(Need help nailing your message and find out how to tailor it so it’s compelling and valuable to your ideal clients? Check this out.)


2. Mailing Frequency

If you mail too often, people may get annoyed (and you are probably rehashing the same thing!) If you mail too infrequently, they may forget about who you are and why they subscribed to your list, so they unsub.

(I have this little pet peeve of getting a newsletter from someone I have not seen anything from for months – I would yell “Who the hell are you?” and hit unsubscribe…)

To fix: experiment to find the optimal frequency, or just ask your followers how they like to be communicated.

Most people mail less often than they need to stay top-of-mind. Don’t let the thought of “am I bothering people” get into the way – if you are worried that you are bothering people out of a need to be liked and approved, you are acting from a place of fear.

If you have not mailed for a while, consider including a paragraph at the beginning of the email to tell recipients why they are getting that email, and what to expect going forward.

Consistency is key – it’s not just an arbitrary number of x times a week/month.

It’s about you energetically SHOWING UP.
If you can’t get yourself to show up for your peeps, how can you expect them to show up for you?


3. Selling Too Often or Putting Out “Cookie-Cutter” Marketing

Are you pushing your products and services too often? Are you doing too much “in your face” selling without first building meaningful connection with your audience?

Are you hiding behind some cookie-cutter “sales letter” or newsletter template that does not allow your conviction and personality to come through to connect with your subscribers at a personal and emotional level?

Good news, honest copywriting is possible – you just need the right mindset so you can fully express yourself through your marketing. This article will show you how.

Marketing is a very integral part of being “in business”, and when marketing is done well, it is a form of self-expression that allows us to share our message authentically to world. If you don’t “market”, you are not sharing your genius with as many people as you can.

When done well, marketing communication can be informative and inspirational, serving your peeps (whether they buy or not) by adding value to their knowledge and perspective.


About the Author

Ling WongThrough her unique blend of Business + Marketing coaching with a Mindset + Psychic Twist, Ling Wong helps Maverick Entrepreneurs nail their message, claim their superpowers and muster up the GUTS to monetize their Truth so they can build a purposeful and profitable Personality-Driven business that is a full expression of their creativity and individuality.

Ling helps her clients claim their entrepreneurial identity and architect their personal brand story, then translate them into offerings and marketing communication that sell through her intuitive yet rigorous iterative process born out of her Harvard Design School training.

Find Ling and download her free “Monetize Your Truth” Mindset + Marketing training bundle here.

Mar 14th

How She Nailed Her Niche In 12 Minutes

By ling wong

In the Monetize Your Truth coaching call, Patti realized how she can define her niche by tapping into the psychology of her ideal clients, in a way that is fully aligned with her passion, value and expertise.

Here is a snippet of the coaching call – the entire conversation that took Patti from niche confusion to niche clarity – and I hope the thought process can inspire you to get clarity on your big message.

Feb 26th

Is That $1,999 Business Training Working For YOU?

By ling wong

Let me be clear: nothing against those $1,999 or $3,497 business training programs. They deliver huge value and give students a comprehensive view on building a solid biz. Good stuff. Lots of respect for the creators.

But I have two lil’ pet peeves, after working with many people who have taken these $1,999 or $3,497 programs and still struggle.

Pet Peeve #1 :: Building On Quick Sand

These folks cannot give me a confident answer (or just draw a blank) to my foundational questions! That means they don’t have CLARITY about their biz.

The very questions I make sure all my private clients can confidently answer so they have a solid foundation for their biz.

The questions that give them a rock solid platform so they know how to articulate “what they do and how they do it” in a way that allows them to sell their products and programs confidently.

The questions that lead them to ultra-clarity so they have the Conviction to fuel the Commitment that leads to Gumption which helps them stick with it and succeed.

These are the questions you can download immediately when you join the Monetize Your Truth Program to get those light-bulb moments going.

Plus, you won’t be left hanging with a bunch of half-written assignments. (How many of those are collecting dust on your hard drive?)

We will delve into each of those questions in the first module so you will know how to translate your soul-aligned answers into business strategies that serve YOU.

Pet Peeve #2 :: Where’s the Money?

Many of these folks don’t have a unique offering that reflects the needs of their ideal clients and their passion, expertise and superpowers.

Why? Because they have not dug deep enough in a way that translates what they know and who they ARE into business strategies and marketing communication. (Plus, not many people talk about this superpower bit, which is CRITICAL.)

Because they were not guided to do the mindset work so they can step up and claim the hell out of their superpowers and uniqueness.

Just writing down your passion, vision, or superpowers on paper is not enough. You can journal till you turn blue, but nothing happens if you don’t have a plan for aligned action.

The key is to OWN IT and translate it into something useful for your biz.

You also have to strengthen your mindset so you can sell your products and services confidently – because very often, confidence is what seals the deal.

And, like it or not, many training programs (intentionally or not) foster certain level of conformity, instead of helping you step up and be unapologetically unique.

Just taking someone’s 1-/3-/6-month program or some webpage templates and plop it into your website may work for a while, but eventually it will flop because it doesn’t reflect your value, passion and superpowers.

Your superpowers are what make YOU special so you can stand out, make competition a non-issue and command a premium pricing. It’s crazy that so few people talk about how to find it and claim it!

In the Monetize Your Truth Program, we will follow the arch of “Your Biz Your Way” – from finding your clarity and conviction, to nailing your lucrative nicheand claiming your superpowers, then planning your very own profitable business model, to designing your unique offering that reflects your vision, mission and contribution.

I want you to have something you can be proud of. No more imposter’s syndrome. No more rambling on and on in a sales conversation because you are not confident about the value you offer. Because YOU’VE GOT IT!

Net Net…

I am not saying don’t take those training programs.

I am saying put in the work to build that solid foundation, find that clarity and claim your superpowers so you can supercharge any marketing tactic by claiming your brand identity, creating communications that sell, and designing offerings that let you stand out in the marketplace.

I have not taken that very popular $1,999 program, or that other $3,497 training – so my stuff is NOT a regurgitation of these programs.

In fact, I have busted my ass to dump out other people’s ideas of “how things are supposed to be done” so I can help you find your Truth.

In the Monetize Your Truth Program, you get a unique approach and perspective from yours truly – practical business and marketing training with a Mindset + Psychic twist – straight up, original, undiluted, unapologetic.

If you dig my stuff, you will LOVE this brand new program.
(If you don’t, don’t waste that $97. I am cool with it.)

I promise rapid-fire light-blub moments.

In just 4 weeks, you will Nail Your Message, Find Your Lucrative Niche, Design a Profitable Business Model and Craft Your Money-Making Offer.

I am not going to repeat the sales page stuff, because you can read it here.

But sales pages are for the monkey mind. Ask your GUTS, do you want to find the SOUL of your business?

>> Grab Your Spot! <<


About the Author

May 2014 - polaroidThrough her unique blend of Business + Marketing coaching with a Mindset + Psychic Twist, Ling Wong helps Maverick Entrepreneurs nail their message, claim their superpowers and muster up the GUTS to monetize their Truth so they can build a purposeful and profitable Personality-Driven business that is a full expression of their creativity and individuality.

Ling helps her clients excavate their personality-brand identity and weave their personal brand story, then translate them into marketing communication and offerings that sell through her intuitive yet rigorous iterative process born out of her Harvard Design School training.


Find Ling and download her free “Monetize Your Truth” Mindset + Marketing training bundle here

Feb 17th

4 Steps To Monetize Your Superpowers

By ling wong

My schtick is to help people design a business based on their Truth.

I consider it critical to claim our Superpowers so we are selling MORE than our “expertise.”

Why do we want to highlight our superpowers in our businesses?

Many people possess the same skills and expertise as you do (e.g. went through the same training), but your { gifts + personality + life experience } combo is unique.

The law of supply and demand tells us that whatever is more unique can command a higher price – as long as its value and relevance to the market is clearly communicated.

Claiming your Superpowers is your ticket to standing out, making competition a non-issue and commanding premium pricing for your programs, services and products.

Here is how to Monetize Your Superpowers:

Step #1 Discern Superpowers vs Expertise:

Here is a simple distinction – your Superpower is within you, you don’t need training or certification to acquire your Superpowers.

Digestive wellness is an expertise. Online marketing is an expertise.

Intuitively getting to the root cause of your clients’ confusion and overwhelm, and helping them get clarity for the next step in 30 minutes is a Superpower.

Look closely into your interactions with your gold-star clients. Look into your process in helping clients get results. What are you most proud of? What do they identify as the AHA moments, from time to time? In what ways you create breakthroughs for them that other your “competitors” fail?

Think about what is easy for you that surprises others. Consider what you “ended up” doing with most of your clients. What does your GUT tell you?

 What Wisdom am I here to give the world?

Here is a concrete example of my own experience.


Step #2 Articulate Your Superpowers

You may have an inkling of what your Superpowers are, but just having it swirl in your head is not good enough.

Articulating your superpower takes time, commitment, effort and the willingness to step out of your own way and to constantly evolve.

You may have to turn your world upside down to see what you were unable to see. You many need help to open up to what was not apparent to you and be humble enough to accept and admit that you didn’t know that part about yourself.

You probably need to overcome preconception and judgment of what is “appropriate” to say in order to fully step up and claim the hell out of it…


Step #3 Claim the Hell Out of It!

Unless you step up and own it, you won’t be able to communicate your Superpowers to your clients confidently. If you can’t do it confidently, how can you ask others to have confidence in you?

Claiming their superpowers has done wonders to my clients’ confidence and has added much clarity to their marketing communication on so many levels – so much so that it has become an integral part of my work with all my private clients.

“Claiming it” is the hard part, because you are putting it out into the world. Because you have to own up to it and stop hiding behind your “expertise” or “job titles” or other labels that fence you in the safety zone.

You have to face the fear of not being good enough, the fear of change and the fear of being vulnerable head on (I will dig into these fears in the Monetize Your Truth Program) so you can make your Superpowers magnetic to your ideal clients.


#4 Communicate Your Superpowers

To communicate your superpowers, you need to cut through the jargons and superficial wordings – don’t let them become your prison bars that limit your possibilities. Buzzwords are tempting, but they make you lazy.

You need to be able to put your Superpowers into words that your ideal clients can relate and understand, so they will pay you the big bucks for your services.

Here is where the “MONETIZE” piece comes in because if you can’t make your peeps understand how your Superpowers can solve their problems, they are not going to whip out the credit cards for you.

In the Monetize Your Truth Program, I will show you how to translate your uniqueness into marketing communication that sells.


Do you want to translate your unique blend of { gifts + personality + life experience = Superpowers } into a profitable business that will make your heart sing?

NYMpilot 1

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About the Author

May 2014 - polaroidThrough her unique blend of Business + Marketing coaching with a Mindset + Psychic Twist, Ling Wong helps Maverick Entrepreneurs nail their message, claim their superpowers and muster up the GUTS to monetize their Truth so they can build a purposeful and profitable Personality-Driven business that is a full expression of their creativity and individuality.

Find Ling and download her free “Monetize Your Truth” Mindset + Marketing training bundle here.

Feb 11th

Self-Love, Unconditional Love, and Your Business

By ling wong

Valentine’s day is around the corner, and love is in the air.

Speaking of Love. Recently I was invited to contribute to a book on love. Love, and business, in the same breath.

I wrote about the expansiveness, trust, deep knowing, full embrace, total surrender and a touch of youthful willfulness as the expression of love when I connected with the “purpose” of my business and dive right into it.

For most entrepreneurs, at one point or another, we have fallen in love with the concept or idea behind our businesses. That’s why we started our businesses.

But for some, they fall out of love because they don’t feel the FIRE, or the excitement anymore. Or, maybe they get tired of working on their businesses and not seeing the return, aka, not being loved by their businesses.

Can we really LOVE our business unconditionally, and make a good profit?

Here are a few paragraphs I wrote on Self-Love:

“Self-love is more than what we “do” or “buy” for ourselves. It is not what you do but HOW you do it. 

Self-love is attained out of total respect for ourselves and our purpose on Earth. Self-love is expansive, trusting and allowing ourselves to be embraced. 

Self-love happens when we realize that we are here to create something bigger than ourselves; that we are a vessel or channel for something way more significant, and timeless.

Self-love happens when we recognize our life’s purpose and know that we have to take extreme care of ourselves so we can be our best to be of service – because our existence is about something way more than our own body, mind and spirit.”

Self-love is inspired by knowing your purpose, nailing your message and realizing that you are a critical piece of this puzzle.

Rainbows and unicorn? Nah, we don’t do vague here.

Here at Business Soulwork, I believe we can express our creativity, individuality and fullest potential through our business.

I believe if we pour our heart and soul into our business, and have the courage to BE our truth – i.e. loving our business unconditionally – we will be generously rewarded.

So here is a piece on Unconditional Love:

“Loving unconditionally does not mean we don’t get rewarded or acknowledged. We are human, and we need to be seen and heard. If we keep giving without being acknowledged (or refusing to receive), it is not love – it is being a doormat.”

I believe it is very important for us to nail our message and find that unconditional love for our biz, so we can have the courage to put all of US in our businesses and out in the world.

When you are being all of YOU in your business, helping others with your expertise andsuperpowers, you will be handsomely rewarded and have your business LOVE YOU BACK.


Business is business, and for a business to love you back it has to generate revenue.

If you are ready to get off the hamster wheel, stop wasting time, money and energy on bright shiny objects so you can do want matters and have a profitable business that is a full expression of your individuality and creativity – I invite you to my Brand New Free Webinar:

 “4 Keys To Kick Overwhelm, Take Impactful Actions And Get On the Fastest Path To Cash”

I think the title is pretty self-explanatory, so I am going to shut up so you can sign up:

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Jan 25th

The Ass Backward Way To Find Your Marketing Message (It doesn't work)

By ling wong

I have been thinking and writing a lot about “niche” lately. Probably 10,000 words worth – you can check out this video and this post.

I have also spent hours speaking with folks about “niching”. And one thing has become apparent to me.

“Niche” as an “artificial” construct is derailing the REAL work we need to do to get clear for our business, to define our message that will DRIVE us to do what MATTERS.

“Niching” without a deeper foundation is just busy work.

Worse than the busy work of implementing some marketing tactics because it gives you the ILLUSION of clarity and send you down the rabbit hole of building a business around something that does not resonate with you.

Here is the I AM REALLY PISSED bit

I was talking to a health coach who is taking a very popular “$3,997-ish business program for holistic practitioner” (Am I stepping on some toes here?)

(Note – I am quite angry here, and the anger is not a judgment of the action or decision of this coach. I respect where she is at and I think her story illustrates a deeper problem – aka the kool-aid we got fed - that I am seeing over and over again.)

She was 3 months into the program, and she told me she was struggling with her elevator speech. I asked her – what’s your niche, what you do for them and how you do it?

(Assuming if she’s been in a “business training” program for a couple of months, she would know the answer before being sent into doing the elevator speech exercise…)


She has a very strong conviction about her mission – which is awesome. But 3 months into the program and she can’t articulate her unique positioning, what she delivers for her clients and how she deploys her magic sauce??!

Apparently, her coach just told her she was not telling the “benefits” in her elevator speech and leave it at that. Leaving this woman, with a FIRE in her belly and a life-long mission in her heart, feeling incompetent.

3 months in, dude, and you are still skimming the surface?


(*If your experience with these $1,997, $2,997, $3,997 programs has pissed you off, I have a special offer for you at the end of this article.)

How can you craft an “elevator speech” and deliver it confidently and convincingly if you don’t even know the very basics that DRIVES you and your business??!


Trying to craft an elevator speech (or whatever fancy schmancy name they call it) without understanding the purpose, drive, beliefs, conviction, superpowers etc. behind the person delivering the speech is a losing battle.

Assuming the 10-minute of fame in a group coaching call can hand you a bunch of words you can regurgitate and magically sell something is just wishful thinking.

Are you going to let someone else’s “what something should look like” make you feel incompetent because it doesn’t gel with the way YOU roll?

Can you stop making yourself wrong for being YOU?

She then told me she was going to do a survey with a list of 70 people who, half of which, are not her ideal clients.


You are asking people who are not even going to pay you for your stuff what you SHOULD be doing – before you are clear what YOU WANT to be doing??!

Are you really going to let “other people’s worldview” drive your life’s mission??!

Frankly, I don’t think it’s her idea to do a survey. Someone told her to do so without understanding where exactly she is at, and the quality of her list.

In a way, I am glad she doesn’t have an elevator speech yet because at least she is not under the illusion that she got it “figured out” but in reality, the business is built on quick sand.

My Niche Confession

I did NOT start with a “niche” when I created Business Soulwork. I stopped giving a f*ck to what those “gurus” say. Or the “right way” to do things.

I didn’t go about finding this thing called the “Maverick Entrepreneurs” and do a bunch of research and survey to see if they want some iconoclastic skin-head chick to tell them the programs and trainings they paid $1,997 for are actually derailing them.

I created Business Soulwork because I HAVE to. I have a CONVICTION. I give a SH*T for my ART. It is in my GUTS and I had to do it.

This CONVICTION is my foundation. From there I crafted my message – from MY point of view, not other people’s worldview from research and survey.

(I gotta say, I am pretty one of a kind. So take it or leave it.)

Only after I felt solid from the inside and created things that I felt good about with this new clarity (it took a few months, and a LOT being a heap of tears on the floor), then I put this message through the grinder to make marketing sausage.

I reverse-engineered my “niche” in the “marketing sense” from the stuff I was already creating that is TRUE for ME.

Screw “Defining Your Niche” as some marketing exercise you do because you paid $1,997 for a training. Don’t give a f*ck about “other people’s worldview.”

Let your niche EMERGE from the message that is already alive and on FIRE in your HEART and GUTS.

When you nail that message, and do the inner work to remove your mindset gunk to create a clean path for it to emerge and for your to CLAIM IT – because it’s no good if you can’t OWN IT and just keep it between you and your cat – you don’t have to force yourself into anyone’s marketing box.

You can make yourself the niche, if this is how it has to go down. Permission granted to toss out the “niche menu”.

Can you please stop letting other people’s idea about marketing to derail YOU from your life’s mission?

The first step to clarity is stillness. Go within, muster up the GUTS, CLAIM your big-ass vision.

When you get to the bottom of it and find YOUR passion and vision, you will also nail that CONVICTION from the GUTS that leads to COMMITMENT, which fuels the GUMPTION to “stick with it” and make it happen.

It is not an easy task to get to that place of ultra-clarity, then formulate it into an Identity you can claim and translate it into marketing communication that sells while allowing all of your individuality and personality to shine through.

It took me 12 months and a 5-figure private coaching program to dig myself out of jail. I want to make it happen for you in 60 days, for less than $800.

Are you game?

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* If you have taken some $1,997, $2,997, $3,997 that pissed you off because you didn’t get what you need and even worse, felt like “there must be something wrong with you” because you didn’t get the results as advertised… let’s make it right for you.

Send me an email and tell me what training(s)you took and why it (or they!) pissed you off. If your reason is legit (not like, I bought the program, didn’t do sh*t and didn’t get results; or do any kind of blame game/victim BS) I will give you a coupon code to knock another $100 off the already ridiculously low pilot program pricing for the NAIL YOUR MESSAGE Private VIP Intensive.

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