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  • A Return to Love

    20 Oct 2015, 2:15 pm
    Last night I watched a taped show with Marianne Williamson as she spoke about the teachings of her book, A Return to Love which is based on the teachings of A Course in Miracles. The base message is that there are only two real emotions – LOVE and ...
  • What Do Curve Balls, Mercury Retrograde, and Sh*t have in Common?

    30 Sep 2015, 1:30 pm
    Life is full of twists and turns, curve balls and sliders, bombshells and surprises. Surprises. HAH! It’s all really nice way of saying that sometimes sh*t happens. Yes, sh*t happens to all of us at some time or another. The interesting thing is that ...
  • Trust and Have Faith that ALL IS WELL

    16 Sep 2015, 3:38 pm
    Hold the Vision. Trust the Process. When things aren’t going exactly as you planned, hold tight to your dreams, goals, and vision. You’ve experienced something like this before – things weren’t working out as you expected, and ...
  • There’s Lots Going On Here…

    16 Sep 2015, 12:36 pm
    If you’re anything like me, you’re pretty darn busy right now. This is one of the busiest times our business has had in a few years — we have a big road trip coming up with our Grow Tour happening in just about two weeks, we’re working with ...
  • How Personal Development affects your life and business…

    14 Sep 2015, 7:34 pm
    Personal Development and Spiritual Growth is so undervalued when it comes to the role it plays in business growth and success. Surveys show that 80% of people spend less than $200 on their personal development annually. What they probably don’t ...
  • The Gift of a Birthday

    16 Jul 2015, 1:52 pm
    Birthday’s are supposed to be happy and special days filled with celebrations, presents, expressions of love, and well wishes for a dreamy year ahead. They are typically brimming with things like cake and ice cream, hugs and kisses, flowers and the ...
  • Desiderata – One of my favorite poems

    9 Jul 2015, 5:30 pm
    Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ...
  • Generalizations, Clumping, and Judgment

    2 Jul 2015, 3:10 pm
    As humans we tend to group things. Our brains systematically categorize, rate, and even judge whatever or whoever is in front of us at any given moment – assessing the situation for danger or safety, acceptance or rejection, and where we go from ...
  • What do BBQ and Fireworks have to do with Freedom?

    25 Jun 2015, 8:54 pm
    The 4th of July holiday is coming up next weekend and, as we know here in America,  it’s a tradition to celebrate Independence Day with BBQs, beach-going, parties, flag-flying, and fireworks. I was thinking about the USA celebrating her independence ...
  • Going with the Flow Ain’t Always Easy

    16 Jun 2015, 7:55 pm
    Go with the Flow I’m writing this later than usual because I have been consumed the past two weeks with the care of my mom. She had a pretty nasty car accident and besides being banged up physically, she was badly shaken. Sometimes the emotional ...

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